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Name the nameless and empower the powerless- a contest

In the Witches of Desire universe the women are in control of everything. There is a strict power hierarchy. Every Family is run by a Matriarch, the oldest living member of their family. Her first daughter, called a First Daughter, is her successor. All other daughters are referred to as Second Daughters. Second Daughters are the the bottom of the social totem pole. Even men, who don’t have Talents, have more status than even the most powerful Second Daughter. In charge of everyone is the Coven. It’s made up of the Matriarchs of the 13 most powerful Families in Desire.

Every witch has a distinct Talent that she can perform. Her Talent is often related to the Talents of the other members of her Family. For instance, Thistle’s Talent is the ability to manifest anything she can imagine by speaking the words “I wish…”. Her grandmother can force her will on anyone who reads what she writes and her mother will never forget anything that she’s ever read. They all have power over words, either written or spoken.

Now that you have a little background, here’s what’s up. I was sitting here working on my outline for Your Word is My Bond (random trivia: the titles of all 3 books are based on Talents of different characters. I Wish is obviously about Thistle’s ability and YWIMB refers to Ramona’s power over people) and I thought it would be fun to collaborate a little.

What I’m proposing is that you guys help me pick 3 names and a Talent. Now we’re not talking about throwaway characters here. These are going to be major players in the story. The names and Talent can be anything you can dream up. I mean we’re talking about a story where the main character is named Thistle Nettlebottom, so no worries. Well, within reason. I can’t get behind something like Boner McCocksmith, I’m afraid.


The rules are simple. I’m looking for 2 female names, 1 male name, and 1 Talent.

Leave me a suggestion anywhere you feel comfortable, in the comments here, on my Facebook wall, on Twitter, or in an email (wrenemerson(at)gmail(dot)com). You can suggest 3 names and a Talent or any combination of them. Name the characters after your dog, your kids, your best friend, or your math teacher. You can even suggest your own name.

I will compile all the suggestions into 2 polls on Facebook, one for names and one for Talents. Anyone can vote on their favorites so feel free to share the poll and encourage ballot stuffing. In the town of Desire anything goes and I think it’s only fitting that the same be true of these polls. The Coven would approve.

Suggestions need to be in by the end of the day on Friday. I’m going to start compiling polls on Saturday and voting will end on Tuesday. I will announce the winners on Wednesday. I need to find out who my new characters are so I can make any changes to the plot necessary to accommodate them.


If your suggestion wins, you will receive a free copy of I Wish (you know, the book I keep talking about nonstop) for yourself and your shadiest partner in crime.

You will be given an acknowledgement in the first pages of Your Word is My Bond with a paragraph or two to tell the story of your name if it has a special significance and a link to your blog, book, or whatever crazy site you want. I will honor any link within reason (nothing offensive or adult in nature), so I’m asking that Stephanie Meyer not apply because I’m afraid that I can’t get behind vampires as sexy. Vampires are zombies with better PR, people!

I’ll also set up a static page on my blog with that same information. Imagine the publicity that will bring you. 10s of hundreds of people will look at your link! What a deal!

You will also receive a free copy of Your Word is My Bond for yourself and the same shady friend. Or a different shady friend, if you’d rather. It’s up to you. I won’t judge. Loyalty isn’t the strong suit of my witches, guys. Sorry!

So to sum it up, I’m giving away 8 copies of I Wish, 8 copies of Your Word is My Bond, and 4 deeply personal acknowledgement blurbs with totally self serving links. So start suggesting. And tell your friends so they can make suggestions too, but only if they swear you’re the one they want to share their books with.

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It’s like I’m everywhere

This has been a pretty busy week for me as far as interviews and other press are concerned. Lots of places you can find me if you’re into that sort of thing. And if you ARE don’t forget to check out my press page. I try to keep my list up to date with all the blogs that have been generous enough to give me an interview, review, or guest post slot.

I was really pleased (read stupid excited) to be selected to be a contender for the title of Indie Author Rockstar. If you haven’t checked this site out, I really think you should. It’s such an innovative way for indies to help each other out.

From the site:

“On the first of each month, five books are chosen at random. Those five books join the runner-up from the previous month, and those six books ‘audition’ to become the next month’s rockstar. Everyone in the community will have one month to read or sample those six books. At the end of the month, only the authors who have submitted a book to the site will vote privately (one vote per author) to select the featured author–the rockstar–for the following month.”

I’ll be doing a special week long Interview and an Excerpt feature on the other 5 authors who were selected for this month. I’m hoping to get it put together by next week so keep and eye out for that!

In a total departure from my usual comfort zone (see The Boner Assassin), I wrote a couple of erotic horrors for my friend Christian Jensen’s blog (@hororwritindad). You can read that here.

I have an interview up at Ben’s Comfy Chair.

And I’m a featured author for July on Publish or Bust.

Phew, I *think* that’s all of them.

I added a new page to the blog called Free Reads. Right now there’s not much on there, but it will grow. Fans of I Wish… might enjoy the story about Zane. It’s a little spoilery for those who haven’t read it, but nothing that will ruin your reading experience. I promise. Winking smile

In personal news, I’m moving this month. We’re packing up the minions and moving across the country to somewhere in the Augusta, Georgia area around the 25th. This, of course, means that I will be busy packing, driving, and unpacking in the weeks to come. I was pretty confident about a mid July release for the sequel to I Wish… (Your Word is My Bond), but it’s going to be at least August. I’m so sorry.

I’m also packing my art supplies so I won’t be working in my journal or on the ICAD project anymore this month. That’s an incredible bummer, but I’ve got to start packing somewhere and my art stuff isn’t something I *need*. /sigh

If you know anything about Augusta or the surrounding areas, you really HAVE to comment. I’ve never even visited so I’m flying blind here. Tell me every little thing.


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Using Xmind as a timeline

I was looking at search hits my blog has received and saw that someone was looking up how to use Xmind as a timeline. I happen to think that Xmind makes a really good timeline and here’s how I use it for that.

Step 1:

timeline 2

I change the default shape into a left facing Fishhead shape using the shape menu in the right hand box.

Step 2:


Next I change the structure to left facing Fishbone.

Step 3:

timeline 4

At this point you just start adding topics like normal and they’ll automatically populate the fish in an alternating bone shaped pattern. I usually name them by date, but I’ve also called them by scene title if I’m not sure on the specific date.

Step 4:

timeline 5

Right click on one of your new subtopics. About halfway down you can select the option to make a note. The shortcut for it is F4.

Step 5:

timeline 6

Now you just fill in the details. When I’m doing my timeline I generally will post my entire scene description in there. When you’ve got a note on a topic you’ll see a little rectangular icon that you can click on to bring up your note at any time.

And that’s it. It’s really that simple to make a quick and dirty timeline using Xmind, a program I highly recommend to all writers.

In a completely unrelated note, I thought I’d share my numbers for May with y’all. I have a sneaking suspicion that my numbers are going to disappear on me tomorrow and I’d like to have kept track somewhere.

Thanks to a generous push last night, I was able to hit 100 sales (across all the stores). I was beyond thrilled since it’s so much better than I dared to hope I’d do by this point in the game. A huge thank you to everyone who’s bought my book or reviewed it or even just told a friend about it. You guys are making my dreams come true and I know that’s a huge cliché, but it’s so very true.

I know it’s early still and I still might make some sales today, but as of right now this is where I’m sitting. 94 US, 8 UK, 1 DE = # 14,815. I have 14 reviews on Amazon right now, 11 of them are 5 star reviews.

Since I love screen shots so much, I took one earlier today showing a graph of my sales over the last two weeks.

sales numbers 5 31

As you can see I was off to a great start all through the first week and things gradually started falling off during the second week. I feel really fortunate that throughout it all, I’ve still managed to stay in the top #20k for the most part. Considering that I haven’t done much of anything in the way of promotion since I released I Wish… the numbers become that much more impressive.

One thing that’s been consistent throughout is that readers are asking about the sequel. Originally I was planning to put it on hold while I worked on a totally different project and cleared my head of Thistle and the rest of Desire. The thing is that I already have an outline that’s probably 95% finished. Writing the sequel at this point would be really easy so I’ve decided that I’m going to switch around my projects and work on the sequel right now.

This is for two reasons. The main one is that if I have fans and they want something that I can give them, then why on earth would I deny them?

The second reason is more practical. I have sold 100 copies of I Wish… and given away nearly as many. That’s almost 200 people who have, for the most part, enjoyed reading my book. Several have taken the time to contact me to tell me how much they liked it and how much they are anticipating the sequel. It stands to reason that I can expect a big chunk of them to purchase the second book. There are no such guarantees if I publish something unrelated. On the one hand, they might enjoy it as much if not more and I might draw in a new crowd since it’s an adult rom com. On the other hand, it would be foolish to turn my back on the following I’ve managed to accumulate so far.

As always, I will post about my success, or lack thereof, as things develop.

There’s still time to leave a comment on Addison Moore’s interview for a chance to win free copies of Ethereal and it’s newly released sequel. She’s doing great on Amazon right now, guys, you don’t want to miss your chance to see why everyone is reading her books.


This really doesn’t have much bearing on anything, but I was looking at my sales numbers in the UK and this is what I saw. Again, I’ve only got 8 sales there total so this is kind of insane to me.

UK sales

In the 6ks and the top 100 of a category? Really?

This does remind me though, I meant to tell you guys that I didn’t have an author bio in either the UK store or the German store. I had to go in there and add it to both stores (very tricky in the German store as all the menus are written in, well, German). So if you’re currently selling there it might help to do that. 2 of my UK sales happened last night after I set up my profile yesterday afternoon. Did my profile sell the books? It’s hard to tell, but I figure it can’t hurt.

And in case you’re further interested, here is what my German sales rank looks like:

german sales

Now keep in mind that’s with only 1 sale. Ever. I think I got that sale during my 1st week even. Is it too soon to consider myself an international bestseller? LOL!


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