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Name the nameless and empower the powerless- a contest

In the Witches of Desire universe the women are in control of everything. There is a strict power hierarchy. Every Family is run by a Matriarch, the oldest living member of their family. Her first daughter, called a First Daughter, is her successor. All other daughters are referred to as Second Daughters. Second Daughters are the the bottom of the social totem pole. Even men, who don’t have Talents, have more status than even the most powerful Second Daughter. In charge of everyone is the Coven. It’s made up of the Matriarchs of the 13 most powerful Families in Desire.

Every witch has a distinct Talent that she can perform. Her Talent is often related to the Talents of the other members of her Family. For instance, Thistle’s Talent is the ability to manifest anything she can imagine by speaking the words “I wish…”. Her grandmother can force her will on anyone who reads what she writes and her mother will never forget anything that she’s ever read. They all have power over words, either written or spoken.

Now that you have a little background, here’s what’s up. I was sitting here working on my outline for Your Word is My Bond (random trivia: the titles of all 3 books are based on Talents of different characters. I Wish is obviously about Thistle’s ability and YWIMB refers to Ramona’s power over people) and I thought it would be fun to collaborate a little.

What I’m proposing is that you guys help me pick 3 names and a Talent. Now we’re not talking about throwaway characters here. These are going to be major players in the story. The names and Talent can be anything you can dream up. I mean we’re talking about a story where the main character is named Thistle Nettlebottom, so no worries. Well, within reason. I can’t get behind something like Boner McCocksmith, I’m afraid.


The rules are simple. I’m looking for 2 female names, 1 male name, and 1 Talent.

Leave me a suggestion anywhere you feel comfortable, in the comments here, on my Facebook wall, on Twitter, or in an email (wrenemerson(at)gmail(dot)com). You can suggest 3 names and a Talent or any combination of them. Name the characters after your dog, your kids, your best friend, or your math teacher. You can even suggest your own name.

I will compile all the suggestions into 2 polls on Facebook, one for names and one for Talents. Anyone can vote on their favorites so feel free to share the poll and encourage ballot stuffing. In the town of Desire anything goes and I think it’s only fitting that the same be true of these polls. The Coven would approve.

Suggestions need to be in by the end of the day on Friday. I’m going to start compiling polls on Saturday and voting will end on Tuesday. I will announce the winners on Wednesday. I need to find out who my new characters are so I can make any changes to the plot necessary to accommodate them.


If your suggestion wins, you will receive a free copy of I Wish (you know, the book I keep talking about nonstop) for yourself and your shadiest partner in crime.

You will be given an acknowledgement in the first pages of Your Word is My Bond with a paragraph or two to tell the story of your name if it has a special significance and a link to your blog, book, or whatever crazy site you want. I will honor any link within reason (nothing offensive or adult in nature), so I’m asking that Stephanie Meyer not apply because I’m afraid that I can’t get behind vampires as sexy. Vampires are zombies with better PR, people!

I’ll also set up a static page on my blog with that same information. Imagine the publicity that will bring you. 10s of hundreds of people will look at your link! What a deal!

You will also receive a free copy of Your Word is My Bond for yourself and the same shady friend. Or a different shady friend, if you’d rather. It’s up to you. I won’t judge. Loyalty isn’t the strong suit of my witches, guys. Sorry!

So to sum it up, I’m giving away 8 copies of I Wish, 8 copies of Your Word is My Bond, and 4 deeply personal acknowledgement blurbs with totally self serving links. So start suggesting. And tell your friends so they can make suggestions too, but only if they swear you’re the one they want to share their books with.


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A new Witches of Desire Wiki- help wanted!

I had a couple of requests this summer for more information about the Families in I Wish. It is a lot of information to take in, I’ve got pages of notes myself. I decided the best way to make that information accessible would be to make a wiki and so I set up one here: Witches of Desire Wiki

Now for the bad news… I don’t have the first idea about how to set one up. I’ve tried reading articles, but so far they’ve only confused me. What I’m hoping is that some kind hearted fan will take pity on me and enter into a collaboration with me on this project. I can feed you all the information you’d need to at least set the ground work for the pages. In exchange I’ll give you free books for life an effusive thanks via my blog and happy links to your blog/twitter/facebook/what have you.

If you’re interested please contact me through my comments here or through email at wrenemerson(at)gmail(dot)com

And, of course, anyone is welcome to contribute on a less formal basis. Unfortunately, I can’t provide any kind of support if you don’t know the basics since I don’t either, lol. But have fun with it. I’d love to see it grow into a wonderful resource for fans of the series.

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Back in the saddle

I finished my first draft of the first book of my trilogy on January 28th, just over a week ago.  My plan was to immediately start my outline of the next book and tear into it within days.  I mean, I’ve been thinking about what comes next since I started plotting the first book.  However, a funny thing happened to me on the way to my next outline… I realized that I have no idea what really happens.

My last manuscript went from being a proposed 80k to just under 50k when I was done.  On the plus side, I now have a decent idea of what my scene averages really are so my math is going to be a lot closer this time.  I also realized that the spreadsheet my love made me had wonky math since he’d accidently set it to add a different field than he should have.  Math is NOT my strong point.  Like, at all.  So although it seemed weird that it was telling me I’d be done so soon, I ignored it because my writing pace seemed to match up as far as remaining scenes.  And I did finish as predicted, just 30k words shorter than I should have.  Oops.  Got that sorted though so now I’ll have a better idea this time around.

Having learned so much about the way I write and the weaknesses I have from this first attempt, I had a really good idea of where I needed some improvement.  And so began my efforts to wear out Google as I searched for everything I could find about 3 act story structure and subplots.  I was drawing a complete blank on how subplots are generally written in a first person POV story.  Now I have a better idea so hopefully I can use that information to weave one or two into I Wish. 

It’s been hard to try to think of my story in terms of a 3 act structure.  I thought that having a “formula” would make it easier because now I know what type of scene should come at what point in the story and I think after I do it a few times it will probably become second nature, but I’ve actually found it a little overwhelming because I have all these ideas swirling in my mind of what needs to happen, but I’m not really sure which scene would be the inciting incident or which should be the climax.  I’m guessing my biggest problem is the inability to visualize the scenes in terms of their overall placement in the story frame.  I know some authors use index cards and the floor to lay everything out.  I have a cat, a dog, and a whole herd of children so I don’t think that would end well for me.

That’s about where I am at this stage.  I’ve got a pretty good handle on the main events of the second book, less idea of the less pivotal scenes, and nearly all of the third book plotted.  That last bit happened by accident, I swear.  Somewhere along the line all the twists and conflicts seemed to end up resolved in book three and now I think I’ve got nearly enough worked out to finish it.  I thought that I might write other books set in the world of this trilogy, but it wasn’t until I figured out how book 3 ends that I realized exactly what the fourth book will be about.  At this point I think that I will write each book that follows as much as a stand alone as possible, but if inspiration strikes, I am open to changing that idea.

I hope, if I’m very lucky (and even busier) that I will finish my summary today and can start my outline tomorrow.  Outlining I Wish took me two days for 30 scenes.  I’m planning on 50-ish scenes for this one.  It might take me three days or more.  But I would like to start writing this week. 


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