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Inspiration strikes again

I have a bit of process talk and an update on my story planned for this post, but first I just wanted to share the coolest date calculator ever.  If I could find a desktop version of this that I could carry around on my Flash Drive of Awesome I’d be ecstatic.  There might even be one on the site already, but I haven’t explored in depth.  Timeanddate.com Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

When a conversation starts with “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” in this house, it’s usually followed by some reflection during my off times (the shower, washing dishes, before I fall asleep).  Sometimes nothing comes of it, but other times I find myself intrigued with the idea enough to fire up OneNote and start making some notes.  Which is what happened this morning.

Last week I spoke those fateful words in a conversation my sweetheart doesn’t remember, but I didn’t forget.  It tickled the back of my mind where it was residing until finally I took the idea out and examined it from all sides and realized, that I might just have something here.  I’m excited to see where it goes.

That I’m excited about it wasn’t lost on my guy as I brought my trusty notebook to our lunch date and insisted on making him play what if games with me.  This story would be a murder mystery, but one that so far is entirely character driven.  That might work with something other than a murder mystery, but to write one of those I need to come up with a murderer and a motive.  Neither of those things is clear to me yet. 

Also noteworthy is the fact that I’ve never seriously thought about writing a mystery before and I haven’t the first clue how such a thing is done.  I might have to get a how to book or commit myself to hours of culling the internet for tips.  But that’s a project for later.  This month is devoted to finishing my current WIP.  I’ll continue brain storming when I have time and see where I am when I have time to devote to a new project.

Speaking of my current WIP… It is starting to seem like it’s going to be way short of my goal of 80k words.  When I plotted it out I was concerned that I’d be too wordy and I estimated my average scene length at 2k words and even then I wanted a buffer for going over, never imagining that my actual average seems to be between 1500 and 1600.  Add to that the fact that I’m just shy of 30 scenes and you can see that the math just come out to me having a manuscript that long. 

I’m not really sure how one pads a story.  I kept it sleek and added only the most important plot points.  It will all depend on the actual length.  50k is an acceptable low end count according to the publisher guidelines I’ve found.  If I’m extraordinarily low then I hold back on revisions until after I finish the other two and then work some sub plots throughout the series.  I just don’t want to write myself into a corner.

I haven’t done any writing today yet (I’m running way behind, I usually have written *something* by now), but I broke 30k yesterday.  I only have 10 scenes left to write as I’ve plotted things so far.  Unless I add more scenes as I write (which seems fairly unlikely as I’ve only added one extra so far), I expect to be done in about 5 days or so.  I’ve written around 2 scenes a day since I’ve started.  That seems to be in line with my spreadsheet’s prediction.  So I guess I’m shooting for my writing of this first draft to be done on Friday, Jan 28th.  Which is exactly 2 weeks and a day from when I started.  And just over 3 weeks since I started planning for it.  Wow, awesome.

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