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It’s like I’m everywhere

This has been a pretty busy week for me as far as interviews and other press are concerned. Lots of places you can find me if you’re into that sort of thing. And if you ARE don’t forget to check out my press page. I try to keep my list up to date with all the blogs that have been generous enough to give me an interview, review, or guest post slot.

I was really pleased (read stupid excited) to be selected to be a contender for the title of Indie Author Rockstar. If you haven’t checked this site out, I really think you should. It’s such an innovative way for indies to help each other out.

From the site:

“On the first of each month, five books are chosen at random. Those five books join the runner-up from the previous month, and those six books ‘audition’ to become the next month’s rockstar. Everyone in the community will have one month to read or sample those six books. At the end of the month, only the authors who have submitted a book to the site will vote privately (one vote per author) to select the featured author–the rockstar–for the following month.”

I’ll be doing a special week long Interview and an Excerpt feature on the other 5 authors who were selected for this month. I’m hoping to get it put together by next week so keep and eye out for that!

In a total departure from my usual comfort zone (see The Boner Assassin), I wrote a couple of erotic horrors for my friend Christian Jensen’s blog (@hororwritindad). You can read that here.

I have an interview up at Ben’s Comfy Chair.

And I’m a featured author for July on Publish or Bust.

Phew, I *think* that’s all of them.

I added a new page to the blog called Free Reads. Right now there’s not much on there, but it will grow. Fans of I Wish… might enjoy the story about Zane. It’s a little spoilery for those who haven’t read it, but nothing that will ruin your reading experience. I promise. Winking smile

In personal news, I’m moving this month. We’re packing up the minions and moving across the country to somewhere in the Augusta, Georgia area around the 25th. This, of course, means that I will be busy packing, driving, and unpacking in the weeks to come. I was pretty confident about a mid July release for the sequel to I Wish… (Your Word is My Bond), but it’s going to be at least August. I’m so sorry.

I’m also packing my art supplies so I won’t be working in my journal or on the ICAD project anymore this month. That’s an incredible bummer, but I’ve got to start packing somewhere and my art stuff isn’t something I *need*. /sigh

If you know anything about Augusta or the surrounding areas, you really HAVE to comment. I’ve never even visited so I’m flying blind here. Tell me every little thing.


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Courtney Cole’s Fabulous Fated Book Tour

Welcome to the 3rd day of Courtney Cole’s Fabulous Fated Book Tour! (TM me just now, yo!)

Today it’s my turn to host Courtney on my blog and ask her a set of questions that hopefully uncover new and interesting things about her. (Full disclosure: I found several of these questions online when I found myself drawing a blank for interesting questions that hadn’t been done to death already.)

You can get the full details about the other stops on the blog tour and learn more about winning the awesome prize here. You can read my review of Fated here. And if you decide you absolutely MUST purchase Fated right now (which clearly you will because it’s a good book and Court is a total sweetheart) you can get it at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Now onto the interview!

1. If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen? 


Hmm.  This is a good one!   Maybe the toppling of the Berlin wall.  That had to be exciting.  Or the first space shuttle launch– everyone was just so filled with hope and wonder.  That would have been awesome.  We’re all kind of jaded nowadays, I think.

2. If you could live in any era in the entirety of human history, which one would you choose?


Now. I would love to visit many other eras for a day… ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient Egypt… but I’d prefer to live in the now… I like modern dental and medical care. 

3. What famous person do other people tell you that you most resemble?

I used to get Julia Roberts a lot… back when I was wearing my hair red.  Now, I think I just look like me. 

4. Would you enjoy spending a month of solitude in a beautiful natural setting? Food and shelter would be provided but you would not see another person. 


Um.  A whole month?  Probably not.  A few days would be AWESOME.  But to not talk to anyone else for a month?  I might die. Literally.  Girl, please.  You know how I am with email…

5. Death is a reoccurring theme in Every Last Kiss and Fated. So let’s find out how you feel about it. You can choose your method of dying and the place in which you will die. Where would you like to die and how? 


Okay.  This is my new strangest interview question.  Actually, though, I think that life is a more recurring theme in my books than death- because everyone lives over and over again.  Death actually scares me.  A lot.   But if I had to choose… I would prefer to die painlessly in my sleep when I’m 102. I’ll have a box of Ghiradelli chocolate in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other.

6. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?

How I Met Your Mother…  Because I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone killing me like I would in some of my other fave shows and it’s just a cute show.  And no, I totally wouldn’t sleep with Barney. 

7. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else currently living, would you do so? Whom would you pick? 


No. I wouldn’t. The devil you know is always safer than the devil you don’t… so I’d choose my own issues over someone else’s. And I’ve grown accustomed to my freakishly large feet so… I’ll just keep them.

8. If you could be any age again for one week, what age would you be?

Um…. maybe 29.  I’m 35 now, and it would be nice to be able to say that I was a 20-something again.  Although, I’m perfectly comfortable just staying 35.  But I’m not getting any older though.  Just letting you know right now.   

9. In what ways does your husband resemble Hasani/Cadmus?

My husband has the same cocky swagger as Hasani- the same witty humor.  He’s got that confident sexiness going on, too. Physically, my husband has dark hair and eyes (not quite as dark as Hasani’s, though, the hubbs’ eyes are kind of hazelish where Hasani’s are almost black), he’s tall (6’4", like Hasani) and he has the same chiseled jaw line.  They’re both sexy as all get out.  Sigh. 

10.Mystery question: Because this is my new favorite thing to do (Don’t tell the neighbors or the kids, please!) I want to know: Have you ever went skinny dipping?

Try to predict Courtney’s answer to this question in the comments for your chance to win the prize.


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Catching up

Hey guys.

It’s been a few days without a peep from me and I was starting to get antsy. So I just thought I’d do another personal “what I’ve been up to” type of post.

Firstly, I was looking at my site stats yesterday and I checked out the search terms that bring people to my site. I’ve come to really enjoy seeing that people are looking for me or my book. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing that, to be honest. It’s incredible.

In that regard, it was business as usual, but then I saw that someone had done an… unusual search. Well, I’ll just let y’all have a look at it for yourselves.

vagina search

The herpes search, although funny, isn’t legit. Someone from #pubwrite actually did that one when I said it’s the search I would have expected given my topics of conversation on Twitter. But the search for my vagina? That’s the real deal, yo. Can you imagine? I wonder what they thought they’d find? To the best of my knowledge there are no photos on the interwebz of my lady parts.

On the other hand, my gyno did tell me that my vagina was hot once. True story. That’s why if I ever get around to writing Wren style erotica (tag line: Erotica so funny it’ll tickle your funny boner) I’m totally going to name it “My Gyno Says I’m Hot & Other Naughty Stories Gone Terribly Wrong” Copyright me, just now. If you see someone else trying to use this most awesome of titles just know I was robbed.



I went to the mall yesterday and bought some really kitschy, yet totally awesome accessories at a dollar store. I fancied up my ponytail with that feather thing and pretended that I was British and wearing an odd little hat. The bracelet has pictures of what I assume are famous Catholic folks. I feel vaguely like I’ll probably go straight to Hell for some sort of charge of blasphemy via tacky jewelry. I also picked up something like 4 bangles. I LOVE bangle bracelets so expect to see lots of them in pictures to come from this summer.


Yesterday I also spent a good 20 minutes taking random photos of myself while I waited on the kids to get done with speech therapy. I figure that since I so willingly embarrass myself with bad photos, you guys can humor me when I take some that I don’t hate. Smile with tongue out

But just in case you were afraid I’d somehow gotten over taking terrible pictures, fear not. I asked my love to shoot a photo or two of me in our luxurious, inflatable, above ground pool (you know, so I can show you how we published authors live the glamorous life) and I looked terrible in all of them. So I give you the one I hated the least. Again with the familiar pouting, which as far as I can tell is my pitiful, painfully self aware smirk of awkwardness. I’m throwing in the glimpse of side boob for free. I’ve never met a swimsuit top that can contain all the angles of my wily breasts. If I’m not falling out the front or the bottom, I’m oozing out the side. Incorrigible little scamps, my boobs.


Ok now, my eyes are up here.

In news not related to my vagina or boobs, I’ve got a couple of book related things to talk about.

Firstly, I received some really great reviews on a few different blogs. Check them out, I might be biased since they are about me, but they seem like some really great quality reviews… very well thought out.

BelleBooks says- “I fell in love with this book… it sets the reader up with quite a high expectation, and it does not disappoint!”

Writing Dystopia says-  “…the book moved fairly quickly but information was revealed very slowly.  This is what made it a book that held my attention.  I was always wanting to figure out what happens next.  Some twists were good, battle scenes were great, I loved it!”

Meaghan Ward says- “I Wish… is fast paced in the good way – I couldn’t put it down once I started it, because I had to know what was going to happen to Thistle.”

As mentioned previously, Ben Langhinrichs, of the Absent Minded Muse reviewed my book live via rhyming couplets as he read.

The next thing I wanted to mention actually comes from a suggestion that Meaghan made in her review… She mentions that without being able to flip back and forth in the Kindle, it’s really hard to follow who everyone is and how they are related. That’s totally understand able since there 13 witches in the Coven that are all mentioned by name at least once. As well as a double handful of other minor characters.

Since you asked, you shall receive. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to work on buying a domain and setting up a section or two that’s fully dedicated to the worldbuilding and characters of Desire. I’m thinking a wiki will be the best way to convey all the information. The hard part will be figuring out how to reveal things about each character without spoiling anything for people who are just starting the series.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or advice about switching a wordpress.com blog to a wordpress.org situation, let me know. And if you have any input as to what you’d like to see included in a wiki about Desire, or really just in general, leave me a comment or an email (wrenemerson(at)gmail(dot)com) and I’ll see what I can do to make that happen. It’d be awesome to turn this into the blog that fans built.

As for the last thing, I just thought I’d give you guys an idea of what’s on my plate right now, writing-wise. As it happens, quite a lot. I bought a calendar today to help myself set some realistic deadlines and yikes!

I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but I was going to work on an adult rom-com as my second project to give myself some space from the Desire books. I love the idea, but after rereading the first manuscript 3 or 4 times in a row during edits, I was pretty sick of it.

The thing is, I’ve had enough feedback I know that the second book is what everyone is interested in reading next. Nobody has said “Gee, Wren what’s the ETA on your unrelated project?” But 20+ people have asked about the sequel to I Wish… If that’s not a case of the people telling me what they want, then I’m a really bad sign reader.

So in an effort to give my fans (I have fans! Squee!) what they want, I’ve put my rom com aside and I’m working on the sequel. I’m working really hard towards a July 15th release date. So far I’m still on track to meet that goal, so that’s awesome.

I’m also committed to a couple of anthologies to be released later this summer. One is outside of my field as I’m trying to write some erotic horror. It’s ok to laugh, I’ll just wait until you’re done.

The part I think you guys will be more interested in is the YA paranormal anthology. The details are still being negotiated so I won’t tell you any specifics about it. What I can tell you is that I’ll be joining some of the hottest indie writers in the genre and that I’m going to be writing a story about Julia Carter’s teen years that will shed some light on her actions in I Wish… It’s a project I’m really excited about, both the story and the collaboration with such talented writers.

I guess this is enough aimless rambling. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.

Edited for stupidity:

Oh my gosh guys, I forgot to remind you that tomorrow is the last day to leave a comment and win a copy of Addison Moore’s Ethereal books. Check out her interview and weigh in!


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Day 3 by the numbers

I think I might stop doing this every day soon, like say at the end of the first week. But for now the number continue to interest me so I’ll keep posting.

Right now I’m at 23 US sales and 2 UK sales which equals a ranking of #13,965. I’ve been bouncing between the low #10k and #15k all day.  More interesting to me is that I gave away 15 copies of my book today. I’m looking at about 60 total potential readers so far after 3 days. I’m excited about those numbers. I was also offered another spot on a blog, which is awesome. Oh, and I got a 3rd 5 star review, but it looks like they bought a copy so I guess I can’t really count it towards my experiment.  NOT that I don’t appreciate it, mind you. It’s just not relevant to this.

I’m still not live on B&N yet. That’s a little annoying. I got that up for approval on Sunday afternoon so it’s been at least 48 hours now. Hopefully tomorrow is my lucky day.

It’s hard to set concrete goals with indie publishing. Or probably any publishing for that matter. You can’t say that I’ll sell X copies by Y day. You can promote your butt off, but you can’t make anyone buy. I think the only attainable goals you can really make are things like “I’ll spend an hour commenting on blogs” or “I’ll do some social networking for 2 hours today”. And that’s why I’m not taking any of this too seriously.

That’s not to say that I don’t want to be a full time, earning a living with my words writer. I really desperately want that more than anything. I just don’t think there’s anything to be gained by being a slave to my numbers. I’m giving myself this week to check as much as I want and to flog my promotion to death, but after that I’m letting it go. I’m checking once a day, tops. But most importantly, I’ll be working in earnest on my next book. I have a couple of really appealing projects to choose from. Maybe I’ll work on a couple of different outlines. There are so many words out there waiting to be written and that really excites me.

Also today Courtney Cole posted an interview with me. The questions were fun so even if you don’t care a bit about hearing me talk about myself, it’s still a fun read.

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