Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle

This story is available at Christian Jensen’s blog– This is my first attempt at erotic horror. Is it all that erotic or horrifying? I don’t know, but you can give a read and judge for yourself.


“Being a vampire isn’t as romantic as the movies would have you believe.” I said conversationally. “Trust me, I don’t sparkle in the sunlight. I’m afraid I just burst into boring flames.”

“That’s terrible!” The girl sitting on the barstool next to me sighed. Her name was Peggy or Pammy or Pixie. She was just the latest in the line of women who wanted to save me. There’d been hundreds over the years. I could no longer keep them straight in my mind.

I had a weakness for girls like her. I’d come to seedy bars like this one to have a drink or two to while away the endless hours and almost always a pretty young thing would sense my yawning emptiness and join me. She’d try to flirt and sooner or later I’d share my deepest secret. I’m a vampire and I can’t be saved. And yet I couldn’t turn away the gentle attentions of those who’d give everything to try.

“Have you turned anyone into a vampire?” She asked eyes shining.

I gave her a stern look. “Turning someone into a vampire is serious. You can’t take such a responsibility lightly. When you turn a human into a vampire you become responsible for them for decades while they learn to control their bloodlust.”

“Have you ever… eaten someone?”

I couldn’t meet her eyes. I was afraid she’d see the shame in them. “I’ve never wanted to, you understand. The hunger can become overwhelming. I’ve got much better self-control now. I keep a tight rein on my hunger and only allow myself to drink from people who truly deserve it.”

She smiled, her face luminescent in the murky light of the room.

Read the rest at Christian’s blog!


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