New Stories and KDP Select

I’m writing this entry with MacJournal so it might take a few tries before I get it uploaded and formatted correctly. Sorry for that!

I now have 3 short stories available on Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. All three of them are free reads you can either find on this blog or others, but I thought it might be worth it to package them up and put them on sale for people who might not read this blog or who want them on their ereaders.


Perchance to Dream

It’s just a doll. Nothing special unless you know what to look for. People who know are willing to do more than just kill to have her.

They’ll die.

Amazon, B&N, Smashwords

Interesting to note about that one is that it’s featured on a Succubus wiki. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Cool.


Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle

The movies get vampires all wrong, but there’s one predator willing to explain how it works to a very interested woman.

Amazon, B&N, Smashwords


The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Zane Littlebury has a secret. Nothing new in a town like Desire, but his is different. It’s something he can’t even admit to himself.

Kindle, B&N, Smashwords

You can find this one under my Free Reads page. It’s a piece of flash fiction that is just under 1000 words. It’s a bit of character development on one of my favorite characters from I Wish. It’a a bit more adult in theme.

The other major change that I’ve made recently is to add I Wish to the KDP Select program. I’m still not sure how I feel about the program. I think it’s a bad idea to give Amazon all the power over where a large percentage of indies sell their books, but at the same time I decided I should give it a fair shot before I pan it. Maybe it will revitalize my sales as it has for some people who’ve used it.

It’s only 3 months and my sales at B&N were low enough that it can’t really hurt to pull it. I’ll keep you posted of any radical changes that come from using the program. But I will say that in the 4 or 5 days I’ve had it enrolled I haven’t lent a single copy. I have a free day coming up on February 3rd so I’ll be watching to see if that prods things along. I made sure to have it happen in a new month so I could directly compare the difference between February’s sales from January’s.

I do see that they dropped the money pool for KDP Select from $700k to $600k in February. That’s not a reassuring sign. There was probably a huge Christmas rush with everyone buying ereaders and rushing to get as much content as they could. Now that’s slowing down. We’ll see how it goes for me. I’ve got a new cover that I like significantly more than the old one. I think it’s a little more in line with other YA paranormal books on the market right now so hopefully it finds it’s way into the right audiences.



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7 responses to “New Stories and KDP Select

  1. Yeah, I decided not to do KDP Select anymore because I noticed the numbers dropping. Besides, I’d like to make my book available to people who don’t have a Kindle. :p

    • I agree. I decided to try it as an experiment, but I’m not expecting much either way. In a best case scenario, the book picks up sales momentum on Amazon and the buzz it generates causes demand for it on B&N and sales go up there too when I make it available there.

      At this point I’ve never had it on Smashwords since at the time the formatting was too intimidating. My pro formatter (my love) has done probably 20+ short stories for me now since then so I think he’s a lot more comfortable with it. When my 3 months is up, unless something insane happens to change my mind, I’m going to make it available everywhere again and upload to Smashwords this time in an effort to reach those readers.

  2. I shook hands with the devil (KDP) for one of my short stories, leaving the others alone. I wanted to see how they compared. I basically agree with you about giving Amazon all the power, but am also trying it as an experiment. So far, a few days in the program, I’ve had none lent either. It just seemed as though my Amazon sales took a dramatic downturn as soon as the program began. But it also may have something to do with not putting out a new story for a few months. I’m putting up a new one tomorrow (not in KDP), so I want to see if it’s the newness factor or the KDP factor that generates sales. We’ll see!

    • I am open to experimentation even if I don’t necessarily agree with the means on principle. I figure I should at least rule it out as a viable option for me. So far it’s nothing impressive, but we’ll see what happens after a couple of free days.

  3. I hope your free day today puts “I Wish” back in the spotlight where it belongs. I also hope it gets you so excited you just have to continue the story 😉

    I liked your old cover, but I LOVE your new one!

    My experience with KDPS has been amazing. I did it for the free days, not expecting anyone to “borrow” $.99 books. But they did. I’m guessing it was a mistake since the program is so new and this trend won’t continue.

    Maybe they didn’t realize they only get to borrow one book a month. Who knows.

    Both my books went free yesterday as part of the Indie Book Collective Free Par-Tay and hit multiple bestseller lists. I won’t advertise on your blog, but if you want more information feel free to contact me.

    I’m curious/nervous to see what happens when I come off free tomorrow.

    Again, best of luck with your free promotion!


    • It’s Freebie Friday around here (I just made that up when I made this post, but I think it’s going to be a “thing” from now on). If you’ve got a freebie or just want me to post a plug, leave me a link. I’ll edit it right in. 🙂

    • I just realized that comments are off on my actual post for today. I have no idea how to turn them on either. Boo!

      Anyway, I just wanted to share that I’m starting to see a real benefit to this program. I think I must have gotten on a bestselling category list because my numbers are going up by a hundred at a time every few minutes. I don’t have any other novels on sale so it’s not helping my sales that way, but what I’m hoping will happen is that people will read the book, love it, and tell their friends who will then buy it themselves.

      I wish I didn’t have so many projects on my plate right now in other aspects of my life because you weren’t kidding, I’m super inspired to write the sequel right now. I really wish I hadn’t gotten so hung up about writing it earlier. It’d be awesome to have something to sell people who like the first one.

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