I Wish gets a new cover

The blog post contains major spoilers. I did finally commission a new cover for I Wish… after months of talking about it. I originally talked to someone a couple of months after I released I Wish… but that fell through. Being that I’m exceptionally lazy, I never pursued it again. What I did do was whine about it. Incessantly.

Finally it happened the other day that I was complaining that with my new price (I raised the price to $4.99 around the first) I really need to get serious about getting a cover that better conveys that my book isn’t a fluff coming of age story, but an edgier, darker YA paranormal.

My love, who is much more patient than I am and has been hiding some amazing photoshop skills like a ninja, offered to take a crack at it. We looked at a bunch of the covers of books in the genre that have been released this year and then he found a blog entry that compared a trend of girls in pretty dresses on covers this year. I know it was more to point out that it was done to death, but instead I said, “Squee! I want a girl in a pretty dress on my cover now too!” Because I’m a sheep.

Unrelated to the proceeding paragraph I thought I’d mention that while I was looking for that link, which I couldn’t suss out via Google and finally had to go through hundreds of entries in my browser history (you’re welcome!), I found a very interesting blog about the literal darkness of YA covers in 2010. You should check it out. It’s really cool, actually.

So anyway, that’s the backstory about how I came up with this particular vision for the cover that has almost nothing to do with my actual story (there are woods in my story and the cover model has long dark hair, at least). But my love gets all the credit for making what I think is a lovely cover. I picked the image and when he wanted to add ornamentation, I asked him to stick with the dandelion-puff-represents-wishing thing I had going in the original version. Other than that, it’s all him. It should go up sometime in the next few days.




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4 responses to “I Wish gets a new cover

  1. The new cover is beautiful, as is that dress. As an avid YA reader and someone very picky about cover art, I can say that I like the pretty dresses trend on YA covers. Maybe it is a bit overdone, but it’s still very eye-catching.

    • Do you remember what YA cover art used to look like back in the 80s and 90s? There were some awful cartoony looking illustrations that didn’t even seem to portray anything that actually happens in the books. Now the girls in pretty dresses trend is something I actually really enjoy a lot.

      I also like disembodied body parts quite a bit. I use them all the time on my adult stuff. I actually prefer if the models don’t have a head, it provides a lot of freedom to change my mind if I decide to scrap a story that’s just not working. I can then use the photo for a different cover.

      • I like it when you can’t see faces/the head, too. In a lot of books I read, even after reading descriptions, I have my own ideas in my head of what characters look like, so I don’t like to have a picture telling me otherwise. The more stuff the cover gives away, the less I like it; the more mysterious and thought-provoking, the more likely I am to pick it up.

  2. Wow. Awesome! I think it will definitely attract attention.

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