Just a fun little read

So last January I started thinking of this cool what if… what if a woman died and came back as a ghost, but nobody could see or hear her except her ex husband? And what if she couldn’t remember who killed her or even how she died so her ex was a likely suspect in her murder?

When I originally conceived of the story, I pictured it as being a light hearted, 1st person POV following the ghost. I was busy with other projects so I couldn’t give it as much attention as I wanted, but I did write out a couple of scenes just for fun. I dug up those scenes a minute ago and was surprised at how much I like them for being a rough draft of something I wasn’t taking very seriously at the time.

I’m going to try to salvage some of the dialog since I do still like it, it pretty well captures the essence of who they are. The rest though is pretty useless. I thought I’d share it here just for fun. It’s still in the raw, totally unedited state so please read it in that spirit. You can find it under Free Reads: here.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year! I’m already falling behind on my word goals for this project. I’m actually ahead on other projects so it’s not a total waste, but it is a little frustrating. I missed my goals on January 1st even. How’s that for aiming high?

Naw, I kid. I’m not stressing a daily goal as long as I can stay on track for the bigger picture. There are going to be bad days. I missed all my writing on the first because of a serious lack of sleep that had me feeling draggy all day. I’d try to write something and start to doze off at the keyboard. Then yesterday was a day of playing catch up on my other projects which take priority over my fiction. Today I went ahead and finished the short story I was working on since I was pretty close to done. So here I am finally sitting down to start working on FMAL after 6 in the evening on day 3. Life is like that sometimes, but I’m going to keep plugging away and see where I end up at the more milestone-y moments like the end of a week or a month.

Ok, enough blogging. I’m off to do some writing before I get even farther behind. Have a wonderful evening. 🙂



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