2011 in review and what 2012 will bring

2011 was, in most ways, probably the best year of my life so far. It’s the year that I accomplished so many of my goals and lived, ever so briefly, the very moment that I have always defined as my perfect moment. (For those who are curious, it was when I was floating on my back in a pool in Florida. I was sunning myself during our Disney World vacation, while my love– my crush since I was 13 years old– and my kids played next to me. On a trip that my writing paid for. It was the culmination of every childhood fantasy I’ve ever had. It was AMAZING.)

It’s been almost an entire year to the day that I started this crazy adventure. My goals were simple at that point; finish a novel and become an indie publisher. Mission accomplished.

My life has changed so much from where I was at this point last year. I moved across the country, I married my love, I was able to pay the bills with my writing…

It’s the ways that I haven’t changed that concern me the most. I’m still very much a terrible self starter. I work on things when they excite me and when they stop being exciting, I stop doing them. I’m easily distracted. I’m unorganized.

So that’s where I decided to start when I made my goals for 2012. This year was great, but I want to make next year even better. Some of these goals aren’t writing related, of course, but that’s ok.

1) Stick with my production schedule all year (end result should be 6 novels by the end of December)

2) Write a total of 4k words a day divided between different projects

3) Become a bout ready member of my roller derby team

4) Run the zombie 5k in March

5) Stick to a regular running routine up to and beyond that 5k

6) Write a screenplay (this one is a just for fun experiment with no expectations that it’ll go anywhere)

7) Blog regularly (I’m shooting for 3x a week)

8) Go ghost hunting

9) Host a party at my house (this one might seem lame, but I’m actually a little skittish about the idea of being responsible for something as ambitious as a real party)

10) Finish the project I’ve been thinking about (It’s secret for now as I try to figure out the details and whether or not it’s feasible at this point)

I’ve actually set up a list on Curio where I’ve broke the long term goals like my production schedule and blogging into months so I can see how I’m really doing. I should probably even go as far as weekly checks, but that’s a level of detail that I’m not really thrilled to mess with so I’ve just trusted I can hold myself accountable by the month.

Anybody else make any goals for 2012 you’d like to share?



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2 responses to “2011 in review and what 2012 will bring

  1. I hope to finish some of my projects, make real money with my writing, and blog about 3x a week, too. 🙂

  2. I am a true Aquarius, so I can relate to the “working-hard-when-exciting-and-stopping-when-not cycle” and I need to tweak that!

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