Courtney Cole’s Fabulous Fated Book Tour

Welcome to the 3rd day of Courtney Cole’s Fabulous Fated Book Tour! (TM me just now, yo!)

Today it’s my turn to host Courtney on my blog and ask her a set of questions that hopefully uncover new and interesting things about her. (Full disclosure: I found several of these questions online when I found myself drawing a blank for interesting questions that hadn’t been done to death already.)

You can get the full details about the other stops on the blog tour and learn more about winning the awesome prize here. You can read my review of Fated here. And if you decide you absolutely MUST purchase Fated right now (which clearly you will because it’s a good book and Court is a total sweetheart) you can get it at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Now onto the interview!

1. If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen? 


Hmm.  This is a good one!   Maybe the toppling of the Berlin wall.  That had to be exciting.  Or the first space shuttle launch– everyone was just so filled with hope and wonder.  That would have been awesome.  We’re all kind of jaded nowadays, I think.

2. If you could live in any era in the entirety of human history, which one would you choose?


Now. I would love to visit many other eras for a day… ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient Egypt… but I’d prefer to live in the now… I like modern dental and medical care. 

3. What famous person do other people tell you that you most resemble?

I used to get Julia Roberts a lot… back when I was wearing my hair red.  Now, I think I just look like me. 

4. Would you enjoy spending a month of solitude in a beautiful natural setting? Food and shelter would be provided but you would not see another person. 


Um.  A whole month?  Probably not.  A few days would be AWESOME.  But to not talk to anyone else for a month?  I might die. Literally.  Girl, please.  You know how I am with email…

5. Death is a reoccurring theme in Every Last Kiss and Fated. So let’s find out how you feel about it. You can choose your method of dying and the place in which you will die. Where would you like to die and how? 


Okay.  This is my new strangest interview question.  Actually, though, I think that life is a more recurring theme in my books than death- because everyone lives over and over again.  Death actually scares me.  A lot.   But if I had to choose… I would prefer to die painlessly in my sleep when I’m 102. I’ll have a box of Ghiradelli chocolate in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other.

6. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?

How I Met Your Mother…  Because I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone killing me like I would in some of my other fave shows and it’s just a cute show.  And no, I totally wouldn’t sleep with Barney. 

7. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else currently living, would you do so? Whom would you pick? 


No. I wouldn’t. The devil you know is always safer than the devil you don’t… so I’d choose my own issues over someone else’s. And I’ve grown accustomed to my freakishly large feet so… I’ll just keep them.

8. If you could be any age again for one week, what age would you be?

Um…. maybe 29.  I’m 35 now, and it would be nice to be able to say that I was a 20-something again.  Although, I’m perfectly comfortable just staying 35.  But I’m not getting any older though.  Just letting you know right now.   

9. In what ways does your husband resemble Hasani/Cadmus?

My husband has the same cocky swagger as Hasani- the same witty humor.  He’s got that confident sexiness going on, too. Physically, my husband has dark hair and eyes (not quite as dark as Hasani’s, though, the hubbs’ eyes are kind of hazelish where Hasani’s are almost black), he’s tall (6’4", like Hasani) and he has the same chiseled jaw line.  They’re both sexy as all get out.  Sigh. 

10.Mystery question: Because this is my new favorite thing to do (Don’t tell the neighbors or the kids, please!) I want to know: Have you ever went skinny dipping?

Try to predict Courtney’s answer to this question in the comments for your chance to win the prize.



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12 responses to “Courtney Cole’s Fabulous Fated Book Tour

  1. Thanks, lil’ Wren. As always, it’s fun to be here with you!!

  2. Mary Preston

    In my underwear , yes. Fully nude, no. Of course, the wet underwear really didn’t hide much. It just felt less exposed.


  3. Mary,

    Chicken! Just kidding. 🙂 You are entered for the prize pack! Have a great Wednesday!

  4. I bet Courtney would say she has gone skinny dipping, but only in a swimming pool. In the ocean, you never know when a sea gull might happen along and steal your clothes.

    As for me, I certainly have, but only in the ocean.

  5. I’m gonna guess, yes, I mean haven’t we all at least once in our lives?

  6. Darcy Fifield

    I’ll say YES!

  7. I’m guessing…….yes, she has.

  8. Wes

    Now that I have stopped laughing (Great question, Wren!), I suspect that she has-Just a suspicion. But not in Kansas. It’s so ungodly hot there in the summer, the water evaporates. Consequently, in Kansas it’s just streaking in a dry stream-bed.

  9. Full nude, probably not. Almost nude I would guess yes.

  10. Hmmm.. I’ll say no, just to be different 😉 And I’ll admit that I’ve never done it. Not to say I won’t.. just haven’t had the opportunity come up!

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