Fated- a book review

For fans of Every Last Kiss, Courtney Cole’s debut novel, you’ll be thrilled to know that the sequel, Fated, is now available. ELK is rated 5/5 stars on Amazon by 13 reviewers and consistently spends time in the low 1,000s in ranking. Let me tell you, there’s a reason for this.

Fated picks up where Every Last Kiss leaves off. School is in swing after Macy spent her summer in an intense relationship with her soulmate, Hasani- now known in this life as Gavin. Things are going great and she’s looking forward to enjoying a peaceful school year with her rediscovered love and her best friends. That is until she runs into the soul who was formerly known as Cleopatra.

As in every other life, Macy and her ward, known as her Daedal, have an instant connection, but there’s something weird about Jade. The Moirae, a shadowy trio of sisters, have clearly noticed as well because their interest in how events unfold in this lifetime can only be described as intense.

The storyline which explored ancient Egypt in sensual detail tackles Greek mythology this time around with the same level of attention that I’ve come to expect from a Courtney Cole novel. She seamlessly blends traditionally accepted folklore with her own unique creations to invent a distinct new world, the Spiritlands, where a huge portion of the narrative takes place.

I don’t want to give too much away because much of the pleasure of the book comes from trying to guess where the story might head next, but suffice it to say I was really pleased with the direction the story went and I’m dying for book 3 to see how things are resolved and how Macy will reconcile her knowledge of her true identity with her current life.

I’d recommend this story to fans of Every Last Kiss and those who are interested in Greek mythology.

Don’t forget that Courtney is having a blog tour this week with a chance to win some great new books. Monday she visited Patti’s blog, today she’s spending time with M. Leighton and tomorrow you can catch her interview here in the Nest.



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  1. Thank you, sweetpea. You know I love ya!!

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