I haven’t made my index card for the day yet. I actually spent for-EV-er working in my art journal and decided to take a break from art making for a little while.

I found a new book to work in which is a little larger than my other book. Primarily wider. It’s an old reading text book with some pretty vivid art in it already.


I decided to make a more doodle-y type of layout today. My full spread picture was pretty bad so I decided not to post it. Instead, here is a page 1- page 2 thing.

AJED Jun 25 11 pg 1

AJED Jun 25 11 pg 2

I collaged a few elements for texture and then painted over the top with a couple of different shades of green watercolors. I did all the journaling with a nib pen and ink. I kind of liked the way the lines are so inconsistently thin and thick.

The flowery thing on the top of page 2 was supposed to be a gel transfer, but I got impatient and didn’t let the gel dry completely. I ended up tracing over the pattern with gel pens which changed the look I anticipated I’d end up with completely. It’s all good though.

AJED Jun 24 11

Here’s yesterday’s layout.


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