At the lake

I love being near the water. I prefer the ocean, but I’ll take a lake or a pool. There’s just something about the tranquility of being surrounded by water that soothes me. I used to pretend that I was a mermaid when I was little.  I sometimes still think there’s something a little weird about a girl who grew up in a landlocked state like Kansas and still developed such a strong affinity for water.

I thought I’d share the photos I posted on Instagram for those of you who don’t hang on my every Twitter post, LOL.


Our day started out with some drama when we got stuck in the sand. The lake doesn’t have any paved (or even dirt) roads leading down to the water so it’s up to you to pick your way through the sand and hope like hell you don’t choose wrong. We did. It cost over $100 to have someone pull us out. Ouch.




Water was splashed in, sand angels were created, and beer cans were buried (?). I spent most of my time taking pictures, reading, and finger pecking emails because I can’t seem to live a life without being plugged into technology.




My favorite part of the day was towards the end when I decided to bury the littlest minion. He was a really good sport. In fact, he helped dig out the initial hole. Granted I didn’t tell him what I had planned for him afterwards… >.>


icad jun 19 11

I tried playing with watercolor crayons, but the effect wasn’t exactly what I hoped for. I was pleased at how crisp the stamp turned out for a change though, so there’s that, right?

icad jun 20 11

When I made the banner for this blog, I tacked everything on with masking tape and then pulled it all off when I was done to use in other projects. So the background for this card and the one I made today were cut from that page. I actually cut 5 index sized cards from it.

The stamp I used here looks wonky because I don’t usually bother to mount them on blocks when I use them. I just ran my brayer over it and it kind of elongated. Oh well, It kind of matches my overall mentality on perfection. I’m not a fan.

icad jun 21 11

More about the lake. I know, it’s a horse that’s been beat to death. I’m done after this, I swear.

Art Journal Every Day:

Processed with Cameramatic app.

Not the most promising background, I know. I let my decidedly non-artistic minion help with it. Well, actually he picked pretty much every element from colors to designs and did most of it himself.

AJED Jun 20 11

I didn’t have a ton of time before we left for the lake so all I got done was stamping the title, gluing down the index cards, and cutting and gluing the dancing guy down. I attempted to give him a shadow using the negative space from where I cut him out, but it turned out a little funky.

AJED Jun 21 11

I used the page to write about songs that I have on my phone. I just hit the next button and journaled what popped up until I ran out of lines. I decided the pink gel pen I used to outline the title before wasn’t as obvious as I would have liked so I used my silver Sharpie instead. I finished with a sequin flower and a button embellished with hand drawn petals.

In the end the background worked better for me than I expected it to. It actually looks pretty good in person with various colors of paint peeking through each other. I’m not sure I’ll leave it up to one of the minions too often, but it was an interesting experiment.



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2 responses to “At the lake

  1. Wonderful! Let the minions run free. Amazing things can happen…

  2. Cool, I’m due a vacation. TWO WEEKS! Yes, guess what book I recently finished. F****** well done. I’ll post a review soon.

    I love

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