A scrapbook page? Stop the madness!

I’ve been in an artsy mood lately. I made my index card and finished a journal spread and still wanted to do more art so I decided to use one of the thousands of photos I’ve taken with my iPhone in the past few months and make a scrapbook page.

I started scrapbooking back in the late 90s. I was a poster child for pictures cut into odd shapes and sticker vomit across the page. I wish I was exaggerating, but sadly, I’m not. I remember being nearly orgasmic when I moved to California and realized that there was a specialty scrapbook store in town that sold aisle after aisle of stickers and the tackiest patterned paper you can imagine. Oh my gosh, and did I buy it? You betcha!

Somewhere along the line I started to get more involved with mixed media collage and made around 5 scrapbook pages of that style before I finally just gave them up entirely for art journals. I’m not sure why I’d rather work in my journal than make scrapbook pages since I do pretty much the same routine on both. I think it’s mostly just a lack of desire to get my photos print ready. It’s a lot easier to just find a picture from my journal fodder that goes ok with my theme.

I’m not saying I want to commit to a page a day or something, but it’d be nice if I managed to make more than one.

Swim June 11

I’m pretty excited about my book. I finally got my issues straight with Barnes & Noble a couple of days ago. I was excited to realize today that I’ve sold a couple of copies there. I’m not expecting an enormous amount of sales from that direction, everyone agrees B&N sales are only a fraction of what they get on Amazon, but still. I was pretty happy about it.

If you’re a Nook user who’d like to read my book, you can find it here. I don’t expect anyone who reads it to do anything more than enjoy the story, but if you decide you’d like to leave a review, I’d be really grateful for that.

I took my price up to $2.99 on the 16th, expecting my sales to dry up completely, but they’ve stayed consistent (about 4 a day). The thing is, I get to keep around $2 for every purchase vs. the $.35 I get per book on a $.99 book. So I’ve already earned more in 2 days than I made the entire week last week. Hopefully, I’ll see that reflected when it tallies my sales for this week. I’m going to be really curious how the royalties match up with everything that’s come before.

And my ICAD:

icad jun 18 11

Paint on book page background. The paper on the right was a book page that I’d tested a stencil on. I cut it from transparency with my Silhouette machine, along with a few others. It involved cleaning a lot of tiny bits of plastic off the sticky sheets, but it was worth it.

My art journal:

AJED Jun 18 11 

It evolved from this half finished page:

AJED Jun 16 11

I tried a gel transfer with an image that was on a thick sheet of paper, almost like cardstock. It didn’t work very well so I attempted to peel the gel off the page. It came off, but it ripped into the page. Oddly, it didn’t rip an actual hole, just pulled off the top layer of the page.

I rolled with it and decided to patch it up with some book page scraps sitting around my desk. My plan was to paint over it, but I actually liked the way the scraps looked. the thing was that I used another one of those pages with black patterns on it like on my ICAD. I wouldn’t be able to write on top of that and have it show up so I used my wide masking tape and laid down a couple of strips to cover it enough to write on top of it, but it’s still somewhat transparent.

Then I ended up adding the sheet music that I wrote over with a paint brush and ink because I made another mistake. For some reason I was totally zoned out while I was writing and I spelled “living” as “livinging”. Ok, no problem. I grabbed a scrap and glued it down and journaled right across the top of it.

Other than my mistakes, it’s a pretty simple page and it came together pretty fast (or would have…).


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