1 month into my journey

Before I start, I just wanted to announce that I’ve finally got my account info straight with Barnes and Noble (something about using my old address as my “tax address”) so I’m happy to be able to offer I Wish… for all my Nook using friends! Hopefully, I get over my terminal laziness and am able to offer it in paperback soon.

I’m going to do my numbers pretty early in the day. I might still make some sales, but if I do it won’t be very many so this post wouldn’t change significantly even if I waited.

Today marks the end of my 1st month as an indie author. As you might recall, I got off to a massive start the first week. According to my weekly sales tally, I sold 53 books. Ooh, I know! We’ll do a screen grab so I don’t have to write them all out. I’ll let my numbers speak for themselves. Although, I’m not a huge fan of what they have to say.

June 15 6 weeks sales

I think I kept that sized large enough to read if you click on it. But in case you don’t want to go to the trouble the break down is:

Week 1 = 53 sales, $18.55
Week 2 = 26 sales, $9.10
Week 3 = 34 sales, $11.90
Week 4 = 20 sales, $7.00

So according to these numbers I’ve sold 133 books in the US for a total of $46.55. I also sold a handful in the UK and 1 in the German store. My grand total sold so far including the ones I’ve sold that aren’t in the 6 week tally yet is 164 books. That’s around 5.5 books a day.

Obviously most of those books were in the beginning. June had a couple of days where sales picked up a little bit, but since then I’ve been selling around 2 or 3 a day. Not exactly what I thought would happen when I had that amazing first week. I really thought that I’d go up from there. But I can say that I’ve never had a day where I’ve sold less than 2 copies.

You might wonder what sort of promotion I’ve been doing to get the word out there. The answer would be not much of anything. I did suck it up and submit my book for review to a couple of teen reviewers, but if they opt to review my book I probably won’t see a return on that for a couple of months at least. I done a couple of interviews and, of course, I gave away around 100 copies of my book.

I think I’ll start seeing the fruit of my labor when I have the sequel to my book available. Almost everybody who’s reviewed the book has had nothing but positive things to say about it. I have a single 3 star review between Amazon and Goodreads and that’s out of a total of 32 ratings. I feel really good about repeat customers. I suspect that I can count on a good percentage of my readers to buy the second book. And with I Wish… finally being available via B&N I think I’ll get a boost there too.

So that’s where I am with all that. If anything changes, I’ll let you know.

Now for my ICAD and art journal.

icad jun 15 11

I am so sorry about the terrible scan. The scanner wants to cut it off for me for some reason, but it doesn’t bother to try to align it with the edges and the flower is really thick so it made the center super blurry, but I figured, it’s not a terribly complex card so I’d just work with what I have.

I did an experiment with some tone on tone texture. I painted the background with a cool metallic teal paint and then covered it with watered down white paint which I wiped off. It muted the color a bit though so that when I attempted to stencil the dots with the teal they showed up really good. Or they would have if I hadn’t spread the paint too thick. The end result was actually really neat and I like the way it turned out.The dots, where you’d normally expect the paint to be thicker are more shallow than the stuff around them, where the paint pooled under my stencil.

My biggest annoyance in working on these projects is that I don’t have a really smooth writing white pen. I end up with all kinds of thin, spidery lines instead of good smooth lines. Right now I’m just using a white Gelly Roll pen. I might have to pony up to get a good one though.

AJED Jun 15 11

I needed to write a guest post for someone today and I kept hitting a block when I’d attempt to write it. It just wasn’t coming to me so I decided that I’d use the same approach that I do for writing my fiction and make a mind map.

Of course I could have just done it on blank paper like a normal person, but where’s the fun in that? I actually used the time I spent painting and gluing to think of ideas. In the end, I didn’t use a single idea I came up with, but on the plus side, I can use these ideas for future guest posts or maybe even for posts here.


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