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I’ve been keeping busy with my Index Card A Day challenge. I’m amazed by how much I missed spending time splashing paint and gluing things. You’d think that if it’s something I enjoy that much I wouldn’t have gone so long without it, but it’s amazing how you just sort of cut things out so that new things can take their place. My Twitter addiction took up all my free time so I quit doing other things I love. I’m getting better at moderating my time on Twitter so hopefully that means I can realistically keep up with the art challenges I’m imposing on myself.

I don’t have a plan when I make these things (or anything I do). I just sit down at my desk and go. I like bulky and imperfect. If something really isn’t working, I just paint over it or glue something on top and carry on. I suppose that’s why I’ll probably never be a professional artist. It’s funny how different my art creation process is from my writing process where I plan out every single detail before I’ll even let myself think about starting.

One thing I’ve been doing to save myself time later (and to insure that I’ll finish this project) is making backgrounds in advance. My favorite so far is when I give my cards more heft by layering book pages on top. It’s a nice bonus because then I’ve already got a nice background texture to work with.

icad jun 12 11

I went to the movies wanting to see zero movies with Justin Timberlake and came out wanting to see 2 despite myself. Damn the magic of awesome co stars.

icad jun 13 11

My favorite so far. I grabbed an Allure magazine and my butterfly punch and clipped interesting colors/patterns from ads mostly. I tend to use song lyrics to whatever I’m listening to if I can’t think of something better to write. I realize I used the wrong “their” (and misspelled it too, oops). Oh well, I’m used to it from myself. I do that sort of thing all the time.

icad jun 14 11

I kind of love that butterfly. I took an old folder and turned it into a big, painty, heavily layered collage. Then I ran the folder though my die cut machine and made a bunch of different shapes that I use in other projects from time to time. The border is a hand carved stamp that I made using a tiny scrap of carving block I was just going to toss.

I decided that since I’m already committing myself to making something every day that I’ll attempt to participate in Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s Art Journal Every Day challenge. I like the concept of giving yourself permission to take more than one sitting to finish a page. I kind of need that due to my love of paint and layers of collage. That stuff takes for-EV-er to dry, even with a heat gun. Some stuff you just can’t use a heat gun with anyway. Guess what happens to a dymo label or a thermal receipt when you heat them up?

I decided to start a new journal for the project. I went through all the books I’ve been scavenging lately from the used bookstore and found one that had a sewn binding. I was kind of hoping for a slightly bigger canvas to work from this time, but all my larger books were glued bindings. Which seems like a recipe for things to fall apart later down the road.

AJED Jun 13 11

I couldn’t sleep this morning so I gave up and started working on my journal at like 4 am. This is where I picked up from yesterday’s work. Just some paint and a gel medium transfer (which worked out great, I was so impressed since this was the first time I’ve ever tried and my gel medium is dried out like crazy).

AJED Jun 14 11

And this is what I ended up with this morning. I apologize in advance for the crap quality of my photos. This will probably always be the case. I noticed my cards look pretty terrible scanned too. I just don’t have the patience to really clean up the images to perfection. I’d hate to spend more time on that then I do on the actual art.

I used all kinds of goodies, including foam stamps, homemade stamps, and sequins. I’ve really started to like using my watercolor crayons a lot more too. I bought some Faber Castell for 50% off a few weeks ago. I was really excited until I tried to use them. The color just wasn’t going down smooth at all. But now it’s going on like butter. I suspect the temperature of the room (it’s freakin’ HOT) has actually melted them a bit. Either way, good times.



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6 responses to “More artsy stuffs

  1. VERY VERY COOL! i love finding artists/writers like myself! May have to do what you’re doing in a different way. I don’t do much collage but I like to do other stuff 😀 looks awesome!

  2. Wow those are really cool! I love doing artsy projects 😀 You’ve given me some ideas! I really like those butterflies, thanks for sharing!

  3. Wren! I had no idea that you were so talented with artsy stuff. I wish I could do that– it looks so fun!

    • Ah, see, that’s the beauty of the ol’ paint and collage method of art. Anybody can do it with pretty much anything. If i wasn’t so lazy, I’d print out pictures I’ve taken and make my pages that much more personal.

  4. I really like your butterfly index cards

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