Sunday List- Irrational Fears

I’m a list making junkie. I love the entire process of making lists. I issue a challenge list on Sunday and you send me a comment with the url of your list on your blog, Listography page, or wherever you happen to keep it. It’s a fun way to get to know something new about your fellow Internet dwellers. You can find my lists here.

This week’s list is about irrational fears. I’ve seen some crazy ones on talk shows… People who are scared of things like pickles, cotton balls, and balloons. I’ve gotten candid about what scares the bejesus out of me here.


Courtney shares her fears on her blog.  Yeah, buoy!

Meaghan talks about her fear of… bananas? (Says the girl who won’t look in the mirror after sundown. /Sigh)



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2 responses to “Sunday List- Irrational Fears

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  2. Yesterday I was too hung over and bleary-eyed to even turn on my laptop. Here’s my Sunday/Monday list:

    What is it about things grabbing ankles? Mine’s in the basement!

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