I’ve got a fat sack and a supa fly chick

Sorry for the title, I’m listening to Baby Bash- Suga Suga as I’m writing this. Such a fun song. But that’s neither here nor there.

Actually there’s not any one central theme to this post at all. Just a couple of unrelated things that I wanted to share. So I suppose sharing my playlist is at least as on point as anything else I’m about to talk about.

First off, I discovered a really intriguing thing the other day. It’s probably old news to people who take social media more seriously than I do (which is huge percentage of the people who utilize it), but I thought it was cool.

It’s called Klout, folks. It takes the info it gathers from Twitter and/or Facebook and gives you a score based on the different ways you “call people to action”. Meaning if they retweet you, mention you, comment on your FB posts, and all those kinds of things. Then it gives you a little profile based on how you share information, but they are all pleasing descriptions. It reminds me of a Seventeen horoscope. Or YM. Any of you ladies remember YM magazine? It was far and away my favorite. /nostalgic sigh

Anyway, I grabbed a screen cap because that’s kind of my thing and I thought I’d show you my top areas of expertise according to Klout.


The writing is a little small in the posted version, but my top areas of knowledge are Zombies, Writing, Young Adult Literature, Sales, Jesse James, and Reviews. How freakin’ eclectic. But I kind of adore it, to be honest. I’m an expert in zombies. How cool is that? If anyone ends up setting up your Klout account and happen to have extra K to spend (you get 5 a day) and would like to continue my reign as a zombie master, feel free to vote for me. Kidding. Sort of.

It’s totally rigged though. There’s no way that I shouldn’t be considered influential about herpes because I mention them in a tweet at least once a day in some context and those tend to be the tweets that get RT a few times. I like some of the other things it picks for me though. Sales? I’m like the least likely person to sell a single thing. My lack of sales abilities pains me. Thanks though, Klout.

And as for the other thing, as I’ve mentioned before, I love making mixed media collages. I’m never happier than when I’m slapping paint around. I love it more than writing even and I really enjoy that.

I’m always on the look out for something new to try, a technique or class. So when I found Daisy Yellow’s Index Card a Day project, I decide it was perfect. Surely even I can manage to find enough time to create a single index card sized collage every day. I thought maybe I’d mix things up a little on the blog and show some of those here too.

(edited to add that there is a Twitter tag #icad to touch base with other people who are doing this challenge)

icad jun 8 11

icad jun 9 11

icad jun 10 11

icad jun 11 11

I have been trying to keep them quick. I’m not on a strict time limit or anything, but I didn’t spend more than half an hour on any of these guys and most of it was waiting on paint to dry. I limited myself to supplies I could reach from my desk and scraps from my desk box.

Let me explain to you the joy of a desk box. I buy a lot of bottled water and most of them come in a flat box with shallow sides. I save these because they are perfect for organizing all my flat scraps of paper. I keep one on the corner of my desk and put things into it as I work.

Things that are in my desk box right now include biggish scraps of all kinds of paper, receipts, tickets, security envelopes, interesting pictures cut from junk mail, art work the minions have done that I don’t want to necessarily save for all of eternity, clothing tags, pages from kid’s picture books, die cut shapes, the “negative” space from punched shapes, and dozens of other things like that.

If you have any interest in creating collages, I can’t recommend a scrap box of some kind highly enough. You just never know what might jump out at you in the moment.



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2 responses to “I’ve got a fat sack and a supa fly chick

  1. I’ve got a scrap box and it’s like a little treasure chest of yummy stuff! Little scraps from all sorts of projects. I’m happy that you are playing along with the challenge… COOL cards!

    • What I love about the project is that it’s small enough that I can take the time to do it and be creative every day without feeling guilty because my art is taking time away from a million other projects.

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