Me around the Interwebs and the 1st ever Zombie-Herpes-Badger Award

First off, I did a guest post over at Paranormal Wire a couple of days ago where I talked about my inspiration for my characters from I Wish… I know I don’t do a lot of talking about the plot of my book or the characters on my own blog so that might be worth a read.

Secondly, I don’t see how I can keep avoiding the blog awards I’ve been given.

First I got one from Karen DeLebar, then another from the cheese to my ham- Rinn Ziegler, and now one from Todd Moody. I’m not sure how I can keep putting these things off without seeming like a jerk so here I go.

  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Share seven random facts about yourself.
  • Pass the award along to five new-found blogging buddies.
  • Contact the winners to congratulate them.

Well, I’ve linked everybody, at least. I do appreciate your thoughts of me, guys, even if I dread picking and choosing blogs to win the honor of being… well, whatever it is that I am.

7 facts, eh? Okey doke.

  1. I am a creature of habit and it bothers me to no end when my love refuses to drive the accepted routes to and from places.
  2. I want to join a roller derby team. I’m not even sure what the rules are, I just want to crash full speed into other people. I kind of dig full contact sports.
  3. If I could have any one thing right now it would be “fancy tape” and lots of it. Feel free to gift me as much as you want. Winking smile
  4. I never get tired of things. I can reread the same book, listen to the same song, or watch the same movie 10 times in a row and still be satisfied by the experience.
  5. When I grow up I want to run an art supply shop. Possibly just online, but I’m enamored by the idea of interacting with customers face to face.
  6. I have a terrible memory. The worst. I do what I can with lists, calendars, and journals, but I’m really worried that I might have full blown Alzheimer’s before too much longer.
  7. I want to travel right now to just about anywhere, but a beach would be especially nice. I want to wander up and down the streets and take pictures of every random and insignificant thing I see and journal for hours about how it made me feel.

And now the part I really hate, picking “winners”.  Well, I’m going to cheat a little bit and use blogs from my comments. Now it’s not a matter of who’s my favorite anymore, but of who happened to respond to that post.

  1. T.M. Souders
  2. Ben Langhinrichs
  3. Nancy Eady
  4. Jenny from RentHeaded
  5. Sierra Komodo

Enjoy being awarded with… well, whatever it is that I won and have thus passed on to you all. We’ll call it the Zombie-Herpes-Badger Award and you’ve won! Grats!



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3 responses to “Me around the Interwebs and the 1st ever Zombie-Herpes-Badger Award

  1. Sierra.Komodo

    Ahh I would be one of the tagged people, the guy who doesn’t know enough people to tag.

    I’ll be getting around to this sometime today or tomorrow most likely, thanks Wren. XD

  2. Thanks for the award! I’ll study the details later.

  3. thank you! Will get right on this, along with that interview, lol

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