Sunday List- Strongest Summer Memories

Last Sunday I started a weekly feature where I’m going to put up a prompt for creating a list for all the rest of my list loving readers. Last’ week’s prompt was “Movie Soundtracks You Love”.

This week’s prompt is about your strongest summer memories. Not the best or most exciting. The ones that make you feel like a kid again every time you think about them. Here’s mine.

If it sounds like fun and you’d like to play along. Just leave a comment with a link to your blog post or Listography site (it’s free) and I’ll add it here in a bulleted list (how meta!) so that all your fellow list lovers can find you. I’ll also set up a static page up top that lists all the weekly posts so anyone can start playing any time they want.

Have fun and have a wonderful Sunday!

Meaghan spent her summer in a biker gang.


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