How I spent my summer vacation

School let out for the summer in our neck of the woods at 11am on Wednesday. In the following 2.5 days I’ve had to break up approximately 47 arguments and a few fist fights between the minions who are incapable of entertaining themselves. I just thought I’d share some of the highlights of what has quickly become the longest summer ever.


The 8 year old minion spent considerable time writing a letter for a friend in his class, only to be told that since he didn’t know her address (or last name, d’oh!) that I couldn’t mail the letter for him. Fear not, I was quick witted enough to think of running by the school and getting one of the secretaries to look her up for us and send the letter on our behalf. We included his address so she can write back if she wants. The day was saved.


The menfolk built us a fine little grill which is when my love and I both realized that neither one of us had actually ever grilled anything in our entire lives. That was quite an adventure, but ultimately we figured out how to light the charcoal and keep it lit. Then we enjoyed a delicious meal.


We’ve been to the little playground around the corner 3 or 4 times already this week with many more to come.

And then yesterday we finally couldn’t take the heat anymore so we bought a pool. It sort of went from a tiny kiddie pool to a slightly bigger model than anticipated. It also ended up being considerably tougher to assemble than we thought. It was nearly on a par with grilling steaks, but once again we emerged triumphant.

The downside has been that the water has been frigid. That didn’t stop me from doing some illicit late night skinny dipping. Would you believe I’ve never done that before? The lesson I took away from the experience is that being naked in freezing water is just about the least sexy thing I can think of. For future swimming endeavors the 8 year old minion recommended that I buy a “zucchini”, which according to him is both a vegetable and attractive swimwear option. I’ve taken it under consideration.

That just about sums up my summer so far. Hopefully everyone else is having as much fun as I am.




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2 responses to “How I spent my summer vacation

  1. I got out of school on the fifth. I’m officially no longer a freshman. Yay me! But now that I’m at home again, I get to spend my free hours running after my numerous siblings, as well as the dogs, and generally try to keep my head screwed on properly. It hasn’t been easy, but I didn’t realize before how much I missed this time with my siblings. It’s nice to be home again. We have lots more madness planned for the rest of the summer!

  2. Well, it’s getting hot here. Other than that, I can’t say much has changed.

    And I think your minion has better handwriting than me. All those years of schooling for nothing.

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