Day 5- the numbers

Oh boy blogging about today is sort of a bit of a mixed bag. I promised I’d keep it real with you guys so I’m not going to fudge it now, but please understand that I know it’s small of me. Today I got my first 4 star review on Amazon.

My first thought wasn’t rage or hurt feelings or anything along those lines. It was dismay. I was so disappointed that I failed to deliver a good reading experience to someone. And even though there’s a lot  more to be learned from a bad review than a good one, I couldn’t bring myself to look for a long time. I may have had to have someone read it first and reassure myself that the reviewer wasn’t on the verge of disappointed suicide by my inability to entertain them.

In case you are wondering what it said you can look at it here. It’s actually a really great review so I feel better about that, but my reaction disappointed me. I can’t give everyone a 5 star reading experience. It’s unrealistic to think that I can and I’m going to have to learn to let that go, but man I really do want that. I can’t wait til I get my first 1 star. I’ll probably feel so bad that I have a nervous breakdown.

I’m a people pleaser by nature. I want people to like me and most of the time, they do which is incredibly lucky for me. When someone doesn’t like me, it eats at me. Ever get ninja dropped by a friend on Facebook and maybe you don’t even realize it for weeks? And the reason you don’t notice is because you never talk to them and haven’t said a word to them since 5th grade and even then you both hated each other due to an ill fated, spitting incident? Yeah, me too. Except unlike a normal person I dwell on it for 2 weeks and ask my love about 15 times a day if he thinks maybe I’m obnoxious and that’s why they dropped me.

The answer, of course, is probably yes. But that’s not the point. The point is that a normal person wouldn’t be so butthurt in the first place. But I have to worry about I offended them with my vagina jokes.

Now that we’ve covered what a neurotic mess I am, maybe we should move onto the stuff everyone cares about. My numbers for today.

I don’t mind saying that my numbers surprised me today. Someone suggested that if I could sell 5 books in a short enough time frame, I might actually get into the top #2000. That sounded like a doable challenge so I did a short lived stint of self promo on Twitter and Facebook and offered to love a baby squirrel for every copy of my book that was bought. Amazon doesn’t update real time so I have no idea how many copies I really sold, but several people told me that they bought one. I didn’t quite hit 2k, but I got a better ranking than ever before.

sales graph 6k

In case you don’t feel like blowing it up for a good look, that’s #6,129. Unbelievable. That’s better than I expected to see for months probably. It’s all been better than I expected. Not better than I hoped. I hoped I’d be a bestseller by now, but I’ll  totally take what I’ve gotten so far.

My numbers as they are right now are 44 US, 2, Uk = #6,745. It averages out to about 9 sales a day. That’s really awesome to me. I gave out another dozen free copies today, but I didn’t nudge my promo ads in any forums today so that number is lower than it most likely would have been otherwise. Honestly, I feel like my attempt to get my book into a lot of hands is going really well, but I can’t know how effective it is until my next book comes out. If my sales are strong from day one, I’ll know that it paid off.

Oh gosh, not sure how I missed this but you have got to check out Ben’s live tweets of I Wish… He did some hilarious, yet accurate couplets. If you’ve never had the pleasure of having your book reviewed via rhyme you’re really missing out.



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3 responses to “Day 5- the numbers

  1. Freaking about a 4 star review? You are going to keel over if you ever get a 1! In my book, a four star on almost any site anywhere would still be considered a positive, wouldn’t you think? Maybe that’s just me.

    Anyways, don’t let it get to you. Started reading the book today. Only a couple of pages in (slowest.reader.ever… that’s why I write.) and so far I’m intrigued. I give the first 2 pages 5 stars. 😀

    Keep kicking butt.

  2. Hi Wren! Just saw you on Kindle Boards. I like your blog and keep up the good work! It’s very inspiring for me. I’m publishing my first book in June, with two more to follow in the series in July. You are doing really well and I hope to do as well as you! 🙂

    When is your new book coming out?

    • Thanks for for visiting my blog. I’m glad to have you.

      Publishing has been so cool. It’s been both fun and scary. You are putting an awful lot of yourself out there for people to judge. But when they say something it nice, it’s the most amazing feeling. If you have any questions or need any help with your process, let me know. I’ll help as much as humanly possible. 🙂

      I’m working on a second book that’s completely unrelated to I Wish… I’m hoping to get it out in July, but I have a move coming up at that same time so that’s probably wishful thinking. The sequel for I Wish… will be out in the fall barring something major changing.

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