Day 3 by the numbers

I think I might stop doing this every day soon, like say at the end of the first week. But for now the number continue to interest me so I’ll keep posting.

Right now I’m at 23 US sales and 2 UK sales which equals a ranking of #13,965. I’ve been bouncing between the low #10k and #15k all day.  More interesting to me is that I gave away 15 copies of my book today. I’m looking at about 60 total potential readers so far after 3 days. I’m excited about those numbers. I was also offered another spot on a blog, which is awesome. Oh, and I got a 3rd 5 star review, but it looks like they bought a copy so I guess I can’t really count it towards my experiment.  NOT that I don’t appreciate it, mind you. It’s just not relevant to this.

I’m still not live on B&N yet. That’s a little annoying. I got that up for approval on Sunday afternoon so it’s been at least 48 hours now. Hopefully tomorrow is my lucky day.

It’s hard to set concrete goals with indie publishing. Or probably any publishing for that matter. You can’t say that I’ll sell X copies by Y day. You can promote your butt off, but you can’t make anyone buy. I think the only attainable goals you can really make are things like “I’ll spend an hour commenting on blogs” or “I’ll do some social networking for 2 hours today”. And that’s why I’m not taking any of this too seriously.

That’s not to say that I don’t want to be a full time, earning a living with my words writer. I really desperately want that more than anything. I just don’t think there’s anything to be gained by being a slave to my numbers. I’m giving myself this week to check as much as I want and to flog my promotion to death, but after that I’m letting it go. I’m checking once a day, tops. But most importantly, I’ll be working in earnest on my next book. I have a couple of really appealing projects to choose from. Maybe I’ll work on a couple of different outlines. There are so many words out there waiting to be written and that really excites me.

Also today Courtney Cole posted an interview with me. The questions were fun so even if you don’t care a bit about hearing me talk about myself, it’s still a fun read.


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  1. It’s bizarre that Barnes is taking so long. As I recall from uploading Catch, it went live on Barnes a full day before it did on Amazon.

    Don’t forget to keep me updated so I can Nook it when it DOES go live.

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