I Wish… is live!

I Wish… went live on Amazon sometime while I was sleeping last night and I woke up to find that not only was it available to purchase, but I’d already sold 2 copies.  I told the minions that once I sold a copy of my novel we’d go out for breakfast and eat victory pancakes. So you can guess how we spent our morning.

I promised myself that I would be transparent about my sales numbers because it might be helpful to someone else and also because I know that’s what I really want to know about as an up and coming indie author.  I’m reserving my right to change my mind later, but for now I don’t see any reason not to share.

I grabbed a couple of screen caps that were current as of… I think about half an hour ago. Amazon changes sometimes minute to minute so no promises any of this information is still valid.

Please note that my book is a YA paranormal about witches. My numbers probably won’t mean much if you write adult thrillers or Christian romance or something like that.

My ranking was #9,788.

amazon rank

Not a bad rank at all, right? Lord knows I was pretty dang excited about it (still am actually… breaking into the top 10k on my first day? Awesomesauce.). So wanna guess how many books sold that equals? 100? 50? 25?

books sold

Nope, not even close. Evidently all it takes to hit the top 10k in the first day is to sell 11 books.  I don’t know the exact time frame since my book went live at some point before I woke up, but I know the time frame was less than 24 hours. I’m guessing somewhere between 12-16 hours. 

And there you have it. My first day as a published writer. I need to thank all my #pubwrite peeps who were so supportive and I know more than a few of you bought a copy. And my mom, of course, obligated to buy though she is by the fact that in a few years it’ll be my fancy schmancy writing career that buys her dog food in the old folks home. I don’t know who all of you were who bought a copy, but I really want you to know that I appreciate the hell out of that show of support. I sincerely thank you all from the very bottom of my heart.

And for those of you who don’t feel motivated to buy a copy just yet (What are you thinking? This is an awesome book, my mom says so.) never fear. You still have a week to take advantage of my offer of a free copy. Check out this post for the details. You definitely want to read this book. All the cool kids are doing it.



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6 responses to “I Wish… is live!

  1. Pretty awesome first day as an officially published writer. Good for you, sweets. Congrats! 🙂

  2. Congratulations Wren. That is great!

  3. Congrats! That’s great. I made 13k on my first day, and haven’t been as far up since, so you are doing well. Keep us notified. I am going to post my first month’s numbers here soon.

  4. Congrats Wren, that is amazing!! Let us know about how your sales progress, I love seeing indie’s succeed!

  5. Those are awesome numbers, congrats! Hope it continues for ya. I think the highest my Christian horror novel, Cold Faith and Zombies, got was 34,000. Looks like God doesn’t like me nearly as much as you 😉

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