Get a free copy of I Wish…

Hey friends! This is a very special blog post because when it goes live it means that I’ve finally uploaded my very first novel, I Wish… to Amazon and that within the next couple of days it will have the potential to be read by… well, by anyone really.

I want to celebrate with you, my blog readers, by offering free copies of my book for the next week. So between now and May 22nd (next Sunday) all you have to do is shoot me an email telling me what format you prefer and I’ll send you back a shiny new copy of my debut novel.

“That’s great!” you say, “But what’s the catch?”

Ah, my paranoid friends, this time there isn’t a single string attached. You can have a copy to do with it what you will. Read it or don’t. Print it out and wall paper your house. All I ask is that you please not distribute your copy because pirating is bad.

“But Wren, this is the most fabulous book I’ve ever read. How can I let people know what I think?”

I’ve got you covered there too. Karen McQuestion wrote a great post the other day in which she talked about how one fan opened doors that have led to her becoming one of the best selling indie authors out there right now and her book being optioned for a movie.

Here is a list of some of my suggestions. A few overlap what Karen already stated, but they are all helpful.

  • Word of mouth- The best thing you can do for any product you love is tell your friends. Tell them in forums, on your blog, Twitter, in person. Any way you can communicate your love for something works great.
  • Write a review- Reviews are like currency for indie writers. It let’s other potential readers know that people are reading and enjoying the book and makes it easier for them to decide to buy the book. You can post a review on your blog, the book seller’s site (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc…), reading sites like GoodReads. Or cross post your review on all of them. It’s an awesome gesture and so so SO helpful.
  • Rate, tag, and like my book on Amazon- Amazon has a bizarre way of ranking books that nobody seems to really understand, but doing things like tagging or rating a book only takes a second of your time, but helps get the book into the hands of the people who will most enjoy that type of book.
  • Give me feedback- If the book doesn’t work for you and you don’t want to hurt my sales with negative feedback, but you don’t feel like you can give honest positive feedback, please know that I’m open to hearing whatever it is that you want to say about it. I want to know what’s working or not. I am not the temperamental artist type so don’t fear my crazy wrath. And if you have nothing but good things to say, feel free to let me know that too. I’ll never turn down a little feel good. Smile
  • Offer to host me on your blog- If you really love the book and you feel like I might be a good fit for your blog readership, ask me to do a guest post or an interview. I won’t say no and we both get something from the partnership- I get access to your readers and it’s a day that you don’t have to come up with a post of your own. Wins all around! Yay!
  • Put an excerpt of my book in the back of yours- Have a new book coming out and think that the first scene or two of I Wish would appeal to your readers? Shoot me a note and we’ll work something out.
  • Recommend the book- This goes along with the whole word of mouth thing from way up the list, but it bears repeating. If you see an opportunity to recommend I Wish… to someone who will enjoy it, it would help get the word out. Book bloggers, reading groups, friends and family members. A sincere recommendation can sell a book to almost anyone.
  • Read books by other indie authors- If you like my book then buy books by other indie authors. We’re all in the same boat as we struggle to promote our books. Buying a book from an indie not only helps them pay the bills, but it gives them a sense of validation to know that someone wants to read what they’ve taken the time to write. Buying indie helps to support our little community and without my indie writing friends, I might not have even heard about indie publishing.
  • Buy the book- If you truly loved the book and want to show support, buying the book would help out a lot. Of course there is the money that I’ll see from your purchase which is awesome and appreciated, but buying the book has the additional benefit of raising my rankings on site where you buy it, which will increase my visibility to other buyers.


And now, here’s the book blurb. Give it a read. If you like what you see, send me an email at wrenemerson(at)gmail(dot)com to get your free, no strings attached copy of I Wish…


All she ever wanted was a chance to settle down in one place.

Thistle Nettlebottom knows her life isn’t exactly normal. She travels the country with her secretive mother and bestselling author grandmother in a pink RV going from book signings to crazy research trips. She’s never been to public school or had a boyfriend, but she can pick a lock and hotwire a car. One day the phone rings and they set a course to a tiny town that’s not on any maps. Suddenly, Thistle finds her whole life changing.

She’s finally found the home she’s been searching for.

Thistle soon realizes that Desire isn’t like other towns and she’s not like other girls. The family she trusted has lied to her about everything her entire life and the things she doesn’t know about herself could cost her everything. Her legacy as one of the most powerful witches the town has ever seen has made her enemies that have been waiting patiently for a chance to destroy her. Thistle needs to learn to use her powers to protect herself before they succeed.

Be careful what you wish for.

Thistle has a power unique even among the magic wielding witches of Desire. She can wish things into existence. At first she enjoys the freedom of having everything her heart desires, but she soon realizes that her power comes at a terrible price. She’s losing her grip on her sanity at a time when she can’t afford any weakness. Her enemies are closing in quickly, but she might not have the strength to save herself.


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13 responses to “Get a free copy of I Wish…

  1. OMG!~rushing to send the email~
    thx so much for this!!

  2. Just put this up on my Facebook page – I have lots of friends… 🙂

    I am SO excited about this!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. P.S. Isn’t it amazing how much you’ve learned from our Pubwrite friends in such a short time? You sound as knowledgeable, market savvy, and fired up as Steve, Al, Rich, Mike, all of the heavy hitters there… you’re SO on your way, Wren. Looking forward to watching you soar.

  4. Congratulations on publishing your first novel AND on your recent engagement! It sounds like it’s been a wonderful week for you!

  5. Congratulations! I am looking forward to reading about Nettle Thistlebottom!

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  8. Shanea Wyatt

    I would love to get a free copy of your book, after I read it I promise to write an honest review. Thank you for your consideration.

  9. Book sounds great, Wren! Congratulations on the release! Looking forward to reading it. Keep working hard and making the dream happen.

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