5 Gifts for a Writer Mama

It’s Mother’s day again, a totally made up holiday in which we’re encouraged to (yet again) profess our love for someone on this specific day instead of being encouraged to love them the whole year round. But since I’m a giver, I thought I’d make a list of awesome gifts for mothers who are also writers. (Did I mention I love making lists? True story.)



A Netbook- I have a HP mini netbook that I’ve had now for a few years and it’s an amazing little machine.  The prices are relatively low (most start around $200) and it’s perfect for writing on the go.  These little guys are beyond portable. You can slip one in a large purse and they barely weigh anything.


Microsoft Onenote– I’m a HUGE fan of ON. Like a fanatic. But there’s great reason for that. Onenote is an amazingly useful, very powerful organizational tool. I don’t think there’s a single person would wouldn’t benefit in some way from having this program, but writers especially have a lot to gain.


An Iphone 4-  Everyone needs a cellphone, but why not get the mother in your life an Iphone? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of apps that span the range between productive to purely for entertainment. I use my phone daily for so many things, including note-taking for my WIP.


An ereader- I have both a Kindle and a Nook and while my preference is the Kindle, they are both amazing devices.  A writer needs to read, after all.


Scrivener– This is one that’s still on my own wish list.  A versatile program that helps with the plotting and writing of novels, short stories, and screenplays, Scrivener seems like a must have tool for any serious writer.  The Mac version is polished and gets high marks from most everyone, but I’m unsure of the status on the Windows version.  Last I checked (around January) it was still in beta testing and running with a lot of bugs, but that could have changed by now.

Now you have a list of awesome gifts for writer mothers so get out there and get shopping. Smile


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