Link round up

I’ve been sitting here trying to think of something to say so that the horrible pictures of the last post aren’t the first thing that people see of me.  I’m not ashamed (much), but it’s like there’s more to me than just the horrible faces I’m making in every picture ever taken of me. It’s like I can really relate to super models. Sure, I’m gorgeous on the outside, but I have depth too.

While I’ve been thinking, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and other interesting or funny things on the internet.  Then inspiration struck me.  Why don’t I share the awesome wealth with everyone?  And slide the incriminating photos down the page a little bit in the process. Effin’ win-win!

If you hang out at #pubwrite on Twitter (and if you’re a writer of any level, you really ought to), some of these links are old news since that’s where I find them.  But if you happened to miss them, it’s your lucky day.

  • Cracked review of the Twilight saga– I despise the Twilight books. Plenty has been said about their lack of literary merit before, but my main beef is with the message it sends to teens. Creepy pedo stalkers is NOT the ideal, girls, I promise.  So you can probably guess that it’s an anti Twilight bent. But funny.
  • For my zombie prepared friends, check out Zombie Crises.  You’ll be glad you did when you’re snug in your fortified tree fort and laughing at your obnoxious neighbor who’s facing down a horde of ravenous flesh eaters.
  • Ok, the title calls these the worst analogies, but I tend to disagree. I really wish I’d come up with a few of them.
  • Just for fun, I recommend paying a visit to Listography and creating an account. I love making lists. And, in fact, I’ve started a couple already right here. You can use text or pictures. If you start an account, link me so I can check it out.
  • I LOVE a good plot twist. This article takes a look at 10 ways to give that plot a surprise twist.
  • For the aspiring Twitter ninja, here’s a handy list of some popular hashtags and when they get together for group meetings. I don’t see #pubwrite or #wordmongering on there, but they should be. Two very active tags full of awesome people. I wouldn’t lie about this, check them out.
  • Another good networking post, this one about building up a blog following. I pretty much break every single rule, but I’ve made peace with my 7 readers and I love each and every one of you.
  • As a lover (and abuser) of adverbs, I really enjoyed this article. I think it’s worth a look for anyone though.
  • And to end on a note of awesome, I would share this personal ad. If I lived in Phoenix, I’d be all over this guy.  He seems like the sort of guy I’d enjoy dating. 

I feel like it wouldn’t really be a post without pictures of me doing weird/obnoxious things so here you go:




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6 responses to “Link round up

  1. That is my favorite Twilight article. I go back and read it just to cheer me up. XD

  2. This is a bit of a stupid question, but… What does the ‘pub’ in #pubwrite refer to? A drinking pub? Publicity? Publishing?

    Curious minds want to know…

  3. Great post Wren, and that personal ad was indeed hilarious.

    Hektor, the pub refers to a bar, drinking, but I guess it could refer to all three as there’s a little bit of everything going on. There are really a lot of great people there, and Wren is right, if you are an author, come by have a drink and have some fun.

  4. I will look into adding #pubwrite or #wordmongering. Thanks for mentioning them and linking to the list.

    • They are really worth looking into. #pubwrite is a great place to socialize and network and #wordmongering helps you to make up writing time you lose from all that socializing. 😉

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