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I read Karen McQuestion’s post filled with random facts about her and I thought, “Hey, I can do that.” Which I think is the exact reason so many things in life get done.  So in no particular order, here are things about me that you probably didn’t know and most likely didn’t care to know.

  • It is physically impossible for me to take a good picture- I am ALWAYS making a weird face.  Or in the example above, a full body spasm passes over me at the exact moment someone snaps a picture.  Although in this case, I think it was more a case of a bad photographer since I clearly am not ready.  Want more proof?  Brace yourself, (it’s actually that bad):




  • I’m obsessed with the zombie apocalypse- Now, I’m not saying I believe that there will ever actually being a zombie outbreak.  I’m just saying that if there is, you can bet your ass that I’ll be ready.  I am fully capable of shooting any of you motherfuckers in your zombie faces. (Hypothetically, of course.)
  • I’d rather be funny than pretty- Luckily, I’m naturally gorgeous AND hilarious so I don’t have to choose, but if I ever got to a point where  couldn’t laugh anymore, I’d be a lot more depressed than I will be when my looks go.
  • If I ever make a surplus of money writing, I will sell art supplies- Not a lot to add to this one.  I’m just hoping it happens sooner rather than later because it’s something I would love doing.
  • I love taking quirky photos with my iPhone- Like so many people out there, I’m addicted to toy camera effects.  I adore Hipstamatic, but my new favorite is Cameramatic.  I share my photos on Instagram, so friend me if you’re a user too.
  • I hate cheesecake- Loathe it, really.  Ick.
  • I can’t ride rollercoasters- I can perfectly picture them coming derailed and killing everyone on board.  It sort of sucks all the fun out of the adventure.
  • I wear flip flops until there is snow on the ground and sometimes even after that-  There isn’t a more comfortable shoe that’s ever been invented, although I do lust for a pair of Mohops.
  • I just spent 15 minutes looking at pictures of Mohops on Google.
  • I was also just reminded after looking at so many pictures of feet that I have a longer second toe.  For speed.
  • I don’t have a fashionable bone in my body-  If money were no object I’d wear nothing but 50’s style day dresses for the entire summer and jeans and hoodies all winter.  Actually, I already wear jeans and hoodies all winter so I’m halfway to meeting all my fashion goals.
  • I want to go on a cruise-  As far as I’m concerned it’s the perfect vacation.  Lay around all day and eat?  Sign me up.
  • I crave human interaction, but I kind of hate social networking-  Irony is as cruel bitch mistress.
  • I am a nerd-  Ok, I’ll own it; I played Magic cards back in high school.  I still have my old cards.  I also played paper and pencil RPGs.  I preferred AD&D, but I’ve also played various GURPS expansions and Rifts.  As an adult I play video games, but prefer MMORPGs, single player RPGs, and Viva Piñata.  Because I’m secretly an 8 year old girl.
  • I am a total Scrooge about holidays-  All of them.  I think they are just stupid media fueled spending frenzies.  Unfortunately, I end up having to participate anyway.  This afternoon we’ll be dying Easter eggs for no good reason other than I was tempted by the shiny and glitter egg kits that were on sale this week.  Expect an Instagram update.
  • I could go broke on books, art supplies, and electronics-  On the flip side I haven’t bought an article of clothing that hasn’t come from a thrift store or a Walmart clearance in years. 
  • Which reminds me of my obsession for thrifting-  I went to Vegas and instead of spending my time on the strip, I was driving to all sorts of seedier parts of town searching out thrift stores.  I found two of my favorite dresses though and then proceeded to wear them while I was there.  Unwashed, no less.  I’m not too terribly afraid of catching cooties, I guess.




I guess that’s a good stopping place for this post.  I’ve been working on it all afternoon once I realized that I didn’t have a copy of my Vegas pictures on this computer and then trying to put them onto my iPhone so I could Cameramatic them for the sake of consistency (and because I love it so much).  Now I’m just thoroughly fed up with the whole project.  But thanks for reading it and taking an interest, however minor, in who I am.



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13 responses to “Getting to know me

  1. “…than I will be when my looks go.”

    A good point. But will we keep these ideals when no longer young, I wonder?

  2. And this, little darlin, is why we love you…because you’re hilarious. And very brave, apparently, wearing unwashed dresses in Vegas. :).

    Interesting post… I’ve been seeing these pop up here and there lately. I like ’em… It’s like reality TV in a blog post!

  3. Interesting, I’m not sure that I want to tell everyone all about me. That’s why I write. In my fiction novels, I lie and live vicariously through my fictional characters.

  4. That’s ok! I’ll eat all the cheesecake for ya! *yuuummm*

  5. Heh, I love finding other people who are as equally prepared for the zombie apocalypse, which of course is coming…

    • It’s absolutely coming. It kills me that people will plan for every other natural disaster, but fail to even consider the impending zombie apocalypse. Oh well, more post apocalyptic supplies for me, I suppose.

  6. Heh heh. People are so crazy.. but we’ll get the last laugh!

  7. Wow I’m a little late to the party. You’ll have to fight a friend of mine for the title of ‘most prepared for the zombie apocalypse’. They’ve practically turned it into a family hobby.

    And I’m glad I’m not the only writer into video games. Being a nerd is awesome sometimes.

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