iPhone apps I adore

I’ve tweeted a few times about my obsession about my phone.  I was beyond thrilled when I found out that I could get an iPhone from Verizon and promptly replaced my old phone with a shiny new toy.  I spend a lot of time on my phone now doing all kinds of minor chores that I could easily take care of from my desktop or laptop, but the ease of grabbing my phone from the bedside table outweighs them both. Just for fun, I thought I’d share my favorite apps.

OneNote– (free) Finding out about this app for iPhone was literally what changed my mind from my desire to get a Windows phone.  It’s awesome to be able to add notes on the fly to my notebooks stored on their free “SkyDrive” service and then access them on my desktop later with my full version of OneNote 2010.
iBlueSky– ($9.99)  Mind mapping is one of my favorite ways of brainstorming and organizing information.  I’ve been using this app for several years.  When I bought it was a few dollars cheaper and the best app of it’s kind I could find at that time.  There might be cheaper alternatives that do a similar job, but I can personally recommend this one as being a really solid app.
Kindle– (free)  Ever since I bought my Kindle, I’ve started buying most of my books through Amazon.  The Kindle app is clean, easy to use, and allows side loading books via iTunes. 
Facebook– (free)  Who doesn’t have a Facebook?  This app is my favorite way to access the site from my phone, including surfing to the site directly via Safari. 
WordPress– (free)  I don’t do much blogging from my phone because I pretty much hate attempting to write anything longer than a few characters using the virtual keyboard, but my limited experience with this app is that it’s easy to use and makes on the go blogging an attractive option.
TweetDeck– (free)  To be fair, I don’t love this app, but so far it’s the option I most prefer for using Twitter on my phone.  It allows me to organize as much information as I want to sift through using columns, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed on the tiny screen space. 
I Heart Radio– (free)  I love listening to music.  I like to alternate the songs in my library with listening to live radio.  Of all the apps out there that let you listen to radio stations, this one is my favorite.  It lets you favorite the stations you enjoy to find them easily later. 
Netflix– (free)  This one is a life saver when I have to spend time in a waiting room with my 3 year old.  I used to have to rely on the tv shows I bought from iTunes and kept on my phone (and before that, my iTouch I used for years), but even with a toddler’s willingness to rewatch the same stuff over and over, it didn’t take long for the shows to get stale.  Thanks to the dozens of kid shows offered on Netflix, waiting has become much less of a chore for both of us.
Dragon Dictation– (free)  Translates speech into typed text.  There is a bit of a limitation as it has to access an external server to do the translation so it’s a lengthy process and not always accurate, but it has a pretty good interface that allows you to choose specific parts of your passage to edit.  You can then choose what to do with your typed passage (email, text message, etc…).  I’ve never used it to dictate a lengthy passage like an email, but it’s really handy for quickly responding to text messages.
Hipstamatic– ($1.99)  I have bought all the in app purchases for this app and use it on a near daily basis.  I love playing with the different toy camera like effects.  It’s probably my number one can’t live without app for my phone and I can’t recommend it enough.  There are lots of options for sharing your photos within the app. 
Pocket Frogs– (free)  I have a rotating collection of games on my phone.  I can’t seem to resist trying out all the different free games out there.  But I don’t love any of them like I do Pocket Frogs.  There’s just something so soothing about taking a frog to the pond to find presents and mating opportunities. 

Feel free to share some of your favorite apps with me in the comments section.  I’m always looking for something that will entertain me or increase my productivity.


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