Pros + Cons of the Kindle

I can’t help, but feel like this list is a little unfair since my list about the Nook was based on having never seen another ereader whereas this one will end up comparing the features I liked about Nook whether I mean for it to happen or not.  I’m afraid it can’t be avoided.  Sorry.

I have the wi-fi only, 3rd generation Kindle.  It’s a sexy little thing.  I’ve enjoyed my time with it immensely.


  • Size-  It’s so small and thin.  I’d be willing to say it’s not any heavier than your typical paperback novel.  (I almost typed “paperback writer” thanks to listening to The Beatles while I write this.  Oops.)
  • Keyboard-  It’s a matter of personal preference, but I enjoy having keys that I can feel.
  • Readability-  The contrast is great and I haven’t had a single problem reading in the brightest of overhead sunlight.
  • Page turn buttons-  I’d prefer if they back and forth buttons were on either side of the device, but this is the next best thing.  The forward button is over twice the size of the page back button and very responsive to a light tap.
  • Games-  The ability to add more games is pretty cool, but I haven’t explored this feature much yet.
  • MP3 player-  Like the Nook it plays music.  I do enjoy being able to queue it up and turn it off again using a keyboard shortcut.
  • Collections-  The Nook does something similar with their “shelves” option, but I find it less tedious with the Kindle.
  • Sharable content-  I think it’s really cool that I can sync my Kindle to my Twitter and Facebook accounts and share selected texts.  Visions of sharing excerpts of Tropic of Cancer dance in my head.
  • Wi Fi-  The wi fi works much better with Kindle and I can finally know the joy of loading new books without leaving my bedroom.
  • Constant dictionary-  I really like how I get a mini definition to every word I move across with my cursor with the option to expand the definition as needed.


  • Tiny buttons-  Most of the buttons are fine, but the cursor buttons are both too small and too close to the back and menu buttons.
  • Memorizing shortcuts-  I think I’m going to have to make a cheat sheet.  I know how to play and stop my music right now and that’s about it.
  • Menus-  I pretty much detest trying to navigate the menu system of Kindle.  There seems to be very little consistency and I’m pretty impatient with trying to learn what to expect with every menu.
  • No “currently reading” option-  This is one clear advantage of the Nook… I can look at any other screen I want and still have the option to open up the last book I was reading to the last page.  I wish Kindle had that.
  • Where are my page numbers?-  Nook isn’t perfect, it seems to display the same page number for pages, but it’s sooo much more useful than whatever the crap kind of measurement “locations” is.  I heard they were adding the feature to Kindle, but I don’t have it.
  • Games and books are mixed-  I think it would have been ideal to have games have a separate (but easily assessable) location.  I can’t read a game so get it off my bookshelf.
  • Can’t personalize screenshots/wallpapers- self explanatory.

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