I never would have guessed

It’s no secret that I love the books that LJ Smith has written.  I was shocked this morning to find out that the Vampire Diaries series is owned by a book packager and she was just a writer for hire on the series.  She’s been fired due to handling the relationships in ways that Alloy Entertainment didn’t agree with.  I would never have believed the Vampire Diaries wasn’t her own creation.  I’m sad for her and annoyed that AE thinks so little of the readers that they don’t think anyone would even notice the change. 

On the other hand, VC Andrews has had something like 50 books published since she died and people buy the books as fast as they ever did when she was alive.  I assume most people realize that the books have been written by a ghost writer, but they still read them. 

Her name is still on the books though and those books are HOT right now.  I hope she rides the coat tails of their popularity and sells the crap out of her own books.


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