An update

I started writing my story 9 days ago on January 13th.  I passed the 25k mark yesterday.  My sweetheart made me a spread sheet to chart my progress.  I don’t understand the first thing about Excel, but he made some formula that takes my last three writing days and projects a trend.  Of course, it’s not an exact science, but the estimates seem to bear out that I’ll be done the first couple of days of February and possibly even the end of January. 

It’s incredible to me to think that I could possibly have outlined and written an entire novel in less than a month.  I’ve wanted to write a book for more than half my life and I’ve always gotten discouraged before I’ve written more than a chapter or two.  It makes me sad to think I could have done it easily if only I’d taken a different approach. 

I think I prefer to think that the time just wasn’t right.  I think it had to be this story at this time of my life.  I did the world building, plotting, and wrote the outline in a week.  I don’t think I could have done that if the idea didn’t capture me the way it has. 

The writing has been almost entirely effortless.  I did have a scene today that just wasn’t working for me.  It had the world’s vaguest notes.  The rest have all been pretty detailed and include snips of dialog or internal motivation and I’ve just generally had a good idea of what I wanted to happen.  This one though… I didn’t really feel like it served the original purpose, but I couldn’t cut it entirely because I added some information on the fly that helps ease the transition between book 1 & 2.  I think I figured out a workable solution, but I’ll figure it out once it’s done and ready for edits.

Speaking of sequels, I’ve been trying to find information on plotting a series of books, but so far I’ve come up dry.  It’s unfortunate though because I’ve never attempted this before.  In fact, I never thought it would be something I’d be interested in.  I always thought I’d be bored with the main character by the time I finished a novel, but the story I want to tell is too big for one book.  When I look at the over reaching plot, I get excited all over again.  I really can’t wait to finish them all.

I feel like my next step (besides finishing, of course) is to find a critique partner.  It’d be nice to have someone look at my manuscript, but I also would like to look at someone else’s work and get a sense of how other people write before it’s polished and ready for public consumption.

So that’s where I am so far with my project.  Well, the writing aspect of it.  I’m reading like I promised myself, but it’s slow going since I’m pretty much always either writing, doing family time, or trying to learn more about the craft of writing and the ins and outs of self publishing.  I do get a few pages read at a time while I wait to pick up the kids, but if I have more than 20 minutes in a waiting room I automatically pull out the netbook or my notebook and start scribbling more notes.

I’ve been reading The Year She Fell by Alicia Rasley.  I got it as a free download a few weeks ago.  The premise is unique, but so far it’s a little bland.  I think I’m maybe 3 or 4 chapters in.  I may not be the target audience though.  I tend to enjoy reading paranormal romance and urban fantasy with a generous helping of horrors/thrillers thrown in.  I adore a good end of the world read.  Especially if it involves zombies.  So in comparison this is pretty tame stuff, but I am pretty interested in solving the mystery presented (who is the boy’s real mother?) so in that respect it’s successful.

On a totally different note, I watched Sleepers again last night for the first time in several years.  It was almost more painful the second time through than the first because I was anticipating all the uncomfortable scenes long before they happened.  I know there was a lot of debate about whether the book it’s based on is a true story or not, but I don’t care either way.  It’s a good story (albeit horrifying) and whether it happened or not doesn’t change that.


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