The part where I start writing

I’m so excited.  I just printed out my outline.  It alone was 12 pages and a little over 7,000 words.  I’m shooting for a 80k finished manuscript.  Given that I doubt that I’ll even attempt trying to find a traditional publisher for this story, I’m not sure why I’m giving myself any kind of word limit.  I could write a novel that makes a Stephen King book look like light reading since there’s not worries about printing costs.  It would be impossible to make any writing goals if I didn’t have at least some idea of what I’m shooting for though, so that’s the one I’ve set for myself.

It’s pretty awesome to see my scene synopsis printed out like this.  It makes it seem more real.  My idea is to sit it on the desk beside me and use it as a road map as I write each chapter.  I plan to use a highlighter to mark out each idea as it’s covered.  Some scenes only have a short paragraph to summarize them, but there are a few that have five or six paragraphs of description of what’s covered in each.

My daily word goal is just under 2,500 words.  That seems super doable.  Even though my writing day is split up into 2 hour blocks throughout the day, I still have 6+ productive hours with plenty of time left over to do the mama/girlfriend thing.  There might be writers out there with better schedules, but I definitely count myself amongst the lucky ones.

And so I’m off to write!  I hope to be able to report that I’ve made my goal for the day.  I really think I will.  No promises about that once it comes time for the editing part though. Smile with tongue out


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